launch rpm's and n2o question

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by 96v6firstcar, Aug 9, 2003.

  1. *posted a while ago to talk adn got no reply so here it is again*

    hey i was just curious what should i be launching at when im racing my 96 3.8? i think ive been launching at around 2500-3500 but i get a chirp out of the tires when i do this... the only perf. mod done to it if it really matters is a fenderwall cia

    on that note they sell 2 products here i was thinking about trying... one is a nos additave that you put into your oil and it claims it will add some horse (not really expected by me) and it says it just keeps sh|t movin more smothley

    the other one is those octane bosters/fuel injector cleaners since my car has 117xxx miles on it and im not sure how dirty the injectors are so tell me what you think and if you have any suggested products

    my n2o question is on a mostly stock engine what kind of a n2o shot could i run to it and im not dead set on doing this because i wouldnt use it often (i dont think ) but since i have 117xxx miles on the engine would running it be safe and if any give me an estimate on how much engine life it will take off...same with market value(prob n ot gonna do this im just curious as to if i could safley)

    one more question what would you say the pros and cons of synthetic oil on a car with as many miles on it as mine (117xxx)

  2. Don't know about launching your 96 V6, or much about using N20. I will say that based on my experience, octane boosters do not do much. You might want to use fuel injection cleaner from time to time, so you are getting more efficient spray. The pro's of synthetic oil is that it produces less friction, therefore your engine runs cooler and more efficient. The con's of synthetic is it's more expensive. :doh: Hope this helps some.
  3. There aren't many sixers using nos compared to how many have superchargers. Due to that, you probably won't get much info on that. I agree in saying octane boosters are a waste of money especially since its tuned for 87 so it wouldn't help anyways. If that car has had the same oil since it was purchased I wouldn't go switching oils now. My gramps had a van that was given to someone in the family and they switched to synthetic and it started using oil. Maybe coincidence, but I wouldn't want to find out.