Lawnmower Gas Tank Help

Discussion in 'Other Auto Tech' started by Strype, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. Okay I got an old Murray Riding Lawnmower (lawn tractor for the Southernese Impared) I'm trying to fix for my mom. The gas tank was cracked. So I had to take a hacksaw just to get it out. Yay for teh hacksaw :nice:

    Soooo... What can I use for a gas tank. I need something I can hook a fuel line up to and not worry about my mom driving it and it blowing up on her :scratch:

    I'm thinking a closed system overflow tank for a radiator... :shrug:

    Any suggestions welcomed :) :) :)

    PS: Happy Easter!!!
  2. I am sure that a small engine repair shop would have a suitable replacement.
  4. Just get a tank like you would use with a small outboard motor.
  5. :jaw: I didn't even think to Ebay it or Google it! Thanx :)

    Just one problem: I cant fit the original back in :(

    Hmmmmmm I'll check into dat
  6. :nonono: Your getting old man.
  7. I know :nonono:

    Still I can't fit the tank back in... Stupid motor's in the way
  8. Washer fluid reservoir rig.
  9. You could kick it? :shrug:
  10. Rig it for solar power?
  11. That's what I was thinking. The new lawnmowers just have their tanks zip tied in :shrug:. My new Troy Built has a zip tied gas tank.

    Tried that

  12. Perfect opportunity to take the new forum for a test drive. :D
  13. My car has rougly 80 pounds of zip ties.
  14. Oh it's nice in here... Where's the fridge? :shrug:

    +1. My friends call me the zip tie king :rlaugh:
  15. That makes it almost 3 percent zip ties.
  16. Strype:
    I'd like to see the finished product for two reasons.
    1. I'll know who to call, should I ever need a fuel tank replaced on a lawnmower.
    2. Comedic purposes.