Leaf Spring Relocation Question

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  1. On a 66 Mustang, if the leaf springs are relocated to the inside of the frame, (to make room for larger tires) how much does it hurt the handling on a street car? I was at Carlisle last week and saw that Crites makes a kit for the Mustang.
    Thanks, Rick
  2. Hard to quantify. It will hurt handling. Of course, having rear tires that much wider than the front ones will, too, so you're not really going for handling, are you? :) A friend of mine has a pro-street, one day he decided to drive it to work. On a straight stretch of road, he hit a patch of morning dew damp pavement, and the car spun 360° when the big rear tires floated on the wet spot like it was oil.
  3. 2+2GT, Thanks for the reply. Your're right, handling isn't the prime concern, although I want the car to feel safe going around corners. It will be a weekend cruiser. front tires are 245/40/17 rear tires will be at least 275's.
  4. With a little work you can run those 275s without a full spring relocation.
  5. moving the springs wont do much without cutting and widening the wheel house since its almost inline with the springs.
  6. Handling is not that bad at all. I have the mopar spring relocation, with about 2in of metal removed to the frame, and the wheel tubs moved in 2in as well. I have 1inch lowering calvert springs and a 7/8inch drop block with 275/50/15's M/T drag radials. So about 11in or so of tread. I dont drive in the rain, but i have never had any issue with handling, water, ect. if you want any more info, let me know. You can also look at my pics in my sig.
  7. Having too much traction in the rear around a corner while your front is plowing or understeering is easy enough to fix - see that pedal near your right foot? Tap it. That'll get your rear in line. :D :Track:

    I do agree though that if you get excessive with the difference it could be a bigger issue, but it seems like you have a lot of rubber up front so I wouldn't worry too much. 245 front tires do not a pro-street car make.
  8. I run 275/50/15's with everything in the stock location. I can get plenty of traction for what I do.
  9. Thanks for all the replys. iskwezm, I have min tubbed the car, so I am thinking either relocate the springs, or go to a 4 link.
    dodgestang, I remember reading where you had problems fitting 275's, so I wasn't going to try it without making some room for them. I have seen several 65-66 cars that have 275's on them, but most of the time the back end is raised up, and they really don't fit within the wellhouse. I was hoping to have the car low enough that you really won't see much, or any space between the top of the tire and rear quarter. Wicked65, that's good to hear, I was afraid the car might seem to wallow from side to side.
    Thanks, Rick
  10. After I put the 3 link in I was able to get 275s to fit much better to the point that I could drive them on the street if I wanted to. I have a little uneven car (my one wheel well is wider by almost an inch than the other and the rear wasn't quite centered. With the 3 link I was able to center it and I beat the smaller wheel well into submission on the inside to keep it from rubbing ;) )

  11. Wish mine was done so I could tell you. I did what Wicked65 did; I also did the 67 outer wheel wells. I got a pretty big tire in there. I am almost ready to paint, but out of the next 4 weekends I'll be gone 2, then out of town for 6 weeks. Once I get it painted I'll post some pics.
  12. i dont get why you say they dont fit in the wheel well.Maybe they had the wrong offset on the wheels.Seems like a lot of work
    heres mine and they BARELY stick out, they will tuck if let the air suspnesion down.lowered leafs and massaged front corner of wheel house
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  13. Here is mine from the drags. I dont think its jacked up.


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  14. Are you guys running nine inch wheels? and what backspace? My car, like dodgestang, has a 1 inch difference in space from wheelweel to wheelweel. With stock factory 1/4 panels with rolled lips, I can get barely 255's in there, that is on a 8 inch wheel with 4 3/4 backspace. In fact, it rubs on the 1/4 panel, and the inside of the tire is less then 1/4 inch from the spring. I guess the production differences on these cars has to do with it.
  15. I run my 275 drag radials on 8 inch wheels. I still use the 255s on 8 inch wheels for the street...the contact patch is that same as the 275 when they are on an 8 inch wheels so unless I am dragging and need the benefit of the softer compound I'm gaining anything on the street by slapping a regular 275 radial on the car with the 8 inch wheel IMO.
  16. Well, i had my wheels before i did the mini tub, so i made the tub to fot the wheels and tires, which were 15x10 6.5 back space with 275/50/15.

    A 8in wheel does make them a bit smaller, and a 17in wheel with a 275 is not as wide if i remember as well. My car is lowered 1in via calvert springs and about a 1in block. Im probably going to try a 275/60/15 this year.
  17. 15x8's with the 275/50's
    17x9.5's with the 275/45's

    Both fit, takes a 9" bs with the 17's

    17x9.5 with Hoosier 275 DR's. Never touch.
  18. Thanks for all the great pics, they really help a lot. One more question, is 275/40/17 (or 15) the widest tire most people run? Seems like it doesn't matter if the wheels are 8 inch, 9, 9 1/2 or 10, do most people stop at the 275 size?
  19. Well, the wider the wheel, the more it stretches the tire, (wider). I went with a 275/50 because i already had it, its 11in wide, and it makes it where i didnt have to notch the frame, but it still fits slightly inside the wheel well. I REALLY wasnt ok with the tire out of the wheel well at all, and i wanted to lower my car. Really, id like my car about 1in lower in the back then it is right now, but i will have to switch how the shocks are mounted to more of a coil over setup. As it was, i had to make a drop bracket for the shocks. summer092.jpg

    Im also thinking i might need to switch to a 28in tall tire. As it is, i think my RPM will max at 135mph, and im hopeful after this year, ill need something in the 145mph range. Plus, with the C4, It will drop the RPM when doin 55.

    Plus, there are guys running 7's on a 275 tire.. figured if they can run that, i should have no problems..lol