Leaf Springs?

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  1. I keep seeing all this stuff about leaf springs with mid eye regular, and 4 and 5's? can some one explain to me what all that means! I know my leaf springs are a little soft and weak so ill be replacing soon so trying to figure out what i need to order, and also seen something about a kit to move leaf springs in 1". Does anyone have any info on that?
  2. Regular leaf springs have the eye above the leaf, mid eye leafs have the eye straight in line with the leaf, reversed eye leafs have the eye below the leaf . The mid eye and reverse eye leafs will lower the car . 5 leaf springs are stiffer than 4 leaf and usually have a rougher ride ,a 4 1/2 leaf is a better ride . The front is five leaf to stop wheel hop with 4 leaf behind the rear axle for a softer ride, that is why it is called a 4 1/2 leaf. I have never used the inset leafs but the reason for them would be to get a wider wheel and tire under the car with out wheel rub.
  3. Ok i understand alot better now! I guess i need to go see whats on my car to see what ill go with
  4. i replaced the leaf springs on my 65 coupe with 4 1/2, and it is a little bit stiffer. I could tell a difference but to me it was nothing to cry about.
  5. another option would be to use flex i form fiberglass leaf springs. they are more expensive, but they dont wrap up like steel leafs do, and they come in what ever rate you specify. flex i form will also set them up for the ride height you want as well.