Leak Of Some Sort?

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  1. ok so my 98 is acting funny, I drove it home today and when I parked it and got out it sounds like something was boiling and I looked underneath and there was a liquid on the exhaust pipes, so I checked the tranny and the motor oil and they were both full and the oil looked good or normal, but when I checked the radiator it was low and also when the exhaust cooled down the liquid that was on it was somewhat sticky, so my thoughts are that the coolant system is leaking somewhere but the dry liquid on the exhaust had a red tinge to it so im not sure if that from the rust off the exhaust or if I have another liquid mixing in this situation

    my question is where would it leak so coolant would end up on the transmission and then onto the exhaust pipes, and also if my preceding conclusions are also sounding correct?
  2. red = transmission fluid. check around the rear of the tranny for a leak. if there is too much there to tell go power wash it all off and then take it for a test run.
  3. Two things keep it from being tranny in my mind, one it was full and hadn't leaked, two I just replaced the rear seal and output shaft of my tranny, so if its leaking again I doubt because new and full fluid.

    Rite now all I can think is somehow I'm getting coolant on my tranny and it is washing off the tranny fluid that may have been there from before

  4. power wash it all and start clean. betting its tranny fluid or possibly brake fluid.
  5. u-joint grease?
  6. well I investigated and jacked my car up and crawled under it and looked for a sign that something was wrong, I found a lot of this liquid to be dispersed on the bottom of my car especially on the passenger side, but its weird its too thin to be transmission oil and has no smell, and its too thick to be anti freeze and again has no smell, all my fluids are topped off and not leaking, im just goin to monitor this until I find cause
  7. Automatic trans?

    The tranny cooler is part of the radiator. Two lines should come from the trans to the radiator and connect on the side. Sometimes there is an internal leak and trans fluid or coolant can swap and pass over.

    So check this out ASAP
  8. I've still done some more checking and looking and I still haven't found one thing, the only thing I've found broke is one of my front struts, but there is no oil trail to connect it to the problem, so I doubt that it is strut oil or fluid or whatever is in them

    Mustang5L5- yes auto, and I really really doubt its the cooler, because there is no trail of fluid to the area covered in fluid, the only thing I can tell rite now is that something above my transmission leaks and then it just comes down from there, but it only did it on a long drive through rush hour traffic and some a/c use

    I have to take another long drive tomorrow so this will be the deciding factor on whether its a coolant leak from intense heat or it was a freak of nature leak last week. So far everything is somewhat normal except for the strut being bad.

    The more I think on this issue though I wonder about something somebody told me over the winter, and that my heater core was going bad, and they came to that conclusion because every morning my windows were frosted from the inside and they said that my heater core was leaking and that's what caused he moisture in my car, so I've come to wonder if my heater core is still leaking or something,

    Any thoughts?
  9. Don't be a baby. Taste it...just a dab'll do it. Sweet? coolant. Acrid with a bit of a metallic tinge? Tranny fluid.
  10. It only happened the one time, it's kinda hard to taste it now that everything is washed off
  11. HAHA, Mine was doing the same thing... There is a seep hole in the firewall where condensation leaks out. I was trippin till I tasted it and mine was just water. lol