Leaked email from Ford Employee

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  1. Words from a Ford employee...

  2. is it real or made up?
  3. From a loyal Mustang guy who planned on buying an '06 (would be my third Stang, my family's seventh) I hope that stuff is BS.
  4. I sent it to brad, its not an email at all.
    Its 3 posts from the Mach1registry.

    Guy sounds supper 'angry employee like'

    Wait till Jan, sounds a bit of fact and a lot of anger.
  5. The guy complains that there won't be any aftermarket parts for it when it comes out. Isn't that the way it is with all new models?
  6. I posted this on Brad's site as well.

    Just a thought but remember how before the new F150 arrived they leaked some towing numbers out and then Nissan released their official numbers for the Titan which were a lil better only to see Ford come back and release their offcial numbers that indeed showed they actually had better numbers anyway. ...

    ...well maybe they're just doin a similar thing with the Stang, I mean just beein sneaky about it cause they know how much of a following the new Stang has. That way when the official numbers are released we'll all be surprised and happy. :shrug: Like I said, just a though. :nice:

    We all know how bad hiney the new F150 is, and we all know how much R/D went into that vehicle, if Ford is puttin a fraction of that R/D into the Stang, I think we'll be happy...just think how long it's been in development too. :shrug:

    I bet all the execs are just look at this and laughing their asses off. :D
  7. I'm sure it is real. This is the trend with modern vehicles--more weight, more electronics. It might be true that 75% of people mod their Mustangs, but I bet it's mostly appearance type stuff, especially for newer cars still in warranty. For those people who do try to get more HP out of their engines (beyond fart pipes and chips) I'm sure the aftermarket will figure out work-arounds to many of the issues mentioned.
  8. No kidding, I could'nt agree with you more... :nice:
  9. Common guys, honestly 3800 pounds? don't you think its a little far fetched? :shrug: thats 400-500 pounds more then the current model!
  10. BS.
    3800lbs for a GT coupe? :rlaugh:
    Steps taken to prevent the customer from modifying? :rlaugh:
  11. Let's hope it's not 3800lb's maybe Ford is following the GM lead by making a new Grand AM and calling it a GTO that weighs over 3800lbs. Surly the wider wheelbase wouldn't increase the weight to Cobra weight. :shrug:
  12. 3800 pounds does sound a bit high. The Lincoln LS is 3800 pounds but it's longer and has four doors. I wouldn't be surprised to see it be 3600-3700 pounds, though.
  13. ...

    I highly doubt any higher-up at Ford would say the word "azz."

    I'm rasiing the :bs: on this one.
  14. The Stangers that I know mod for power first, then mod for looks. I could argue that the most popular mods for the present day Mustang is gears, pullies, timing adjuster, intake mods, headers, mid pipes, cat back, mufflers, and forced induction or Nitrous. Apperance mods are next in line. :shrug:
  15. I also call :bs:

    It doesn't read like it came from someone who has spent months developing this car, and then had it ruined by someone else. It sounds like someone took all of our remaining concerns about the new car, and made a jr. high attempt at forgery.

    These kind of comments always make me suspicious too. Sounds like someone might wish they could afford the new car, but wont admit it.

    Just an opinion.

  16. read it again
  17. I don't doubt you at all, but do you think you and your friends are representative of the majority of Mustang owners? If you look through the threads on the 2005 board here most of the discussions center around costmetics.
  18. this things all over already, a buddy of mine sent me a link to the same thing on a different board just as i was reading this one! lol

    hope its not true
  19. I guess we'll have to wait and see, but I do think it will weigh more than the current model 3500+. Just like my 02/03's weighs more than my 87 did, hence more HP to make up the performance hit.

    Seems when you try to get a high rating in crash test you have to add weight to achive it, side air bags or steel beams in the door's etc, plus it's on a wider platform.

    One thing I do know I love my Mach if they turn out right there's plenty of time to get a more refined 05 model in 07/08 or so. I'd like to see them work out the bugs, add aftermarket parts, learn the tune, what mods work and which don't. This took forever on the current platform. Who's knows a few years down the road theres probally a HP bump just like in the 99+ GT/Cobra's. :flag: