Leaked email from Ford Employee

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  1. first time in a while I dont go on the net all day and I came on to find this. My stomach just dropped when I read that. I hope to god it isnt true.
    Rember in one of the other posts how ford was lookin more into what the cutomer wanted and talking about todays car tuners and stuff like that, this is all the exact oppiste of everything we have heard so far.
  2. I'll adopt a wait and see attitude as always and I beg for folks to just temper their reactions until January. But to be honest if even any of that is remotely true Ford will have to price this thing REALLY well to get a cent of my money.
    Then again...possible scare tactic to get people to buy up the remaining 03-04 stock? Hmmmm nah....
  3. i read it over at the mach1 registry the other day-I call BS on it.Just another internet scam artist trying to stir up sh_t.3800lbs, come on.
  4. I think it is someone trying to blow smoke at us, why would Ford make a car that you cant customize or mod, that would go against what the mustang started as and the legend it would become...
  5. I will label this as suspicious in the realms between fact and fallacy. The management stuff seems really scary and true especially for the corporation that I work for. Upper management is rarely someone promoted from the ground up - which is a sad thing.

    I hope it is false especially about the WEIGHT

    I wish they would use aluminum instead of sheet metal or steel - as a luxo option or sumethin
  6. if Ford is capable of doing this to the consumer.....http://www.blueovalnews.com/2003/cars/focus.fuelpump03n01.htm

    and screwing all the 2003 cobra guys with a killed waranty because of improper tread depth then I believe the email and will think twice about buyiing another Ford. sometimes customer service can make one product better then another.
  7. Well, I believe if this was real, this "person" would be in trouble, big corporations have ways of finding who wrote something like this! Just my opinion after years of dealing with "corporate"!
  8. Just a thought but Ford stated it talked to the millenia car buying group? Or something like that. They found out that people liked to modify. That's why they have the color adjustable dash. And I believe they even mentioned turbos in teh statement. Now some guy who we know nothing about other than what he claims. Posts negative things about the stang. That seem to go against things Ford has stated earlier.

    "Mustang's heritage is built on performance and attainability, as well as its appeal with aftermarket tuners who customize their cars inside and out," says Hau Thai-Tang, Ford Mustang chief nameplate engineer. "Now, Mustang customers will get more interior flexibility straight from the plant."

    That seems to me to say they are in tune with the aftermarket. And I seriously doubt any manufacturer is not in tune with what the aftermarket can do for sales. To do so would be a death warrant.

    I have heard nothing about the driveby wire throttle in the stang. Not saying it couldn't happen. But so far nothing said about it. 3800lbs? If the LS weighs that then the mustang should not. 4 doors is nearly always going to weigh more than 2.
  9. Not to mention doesn't Ford already have a Technology Transfer program in place with certain aftermarket companies such as Steeda to allow them to better understand certain key components such as the computer? :shrug:
  10. i call a huge :bs: on the whole thing.
  11. This phony e-mail is saying that the new Mustang is going to be heavier than the larger LINCOLN (V8) from which it is based. Some gullible people around here.

    The current Mustang is heavy because it takes an old chassis and adds a bunch of stuff to it to make it stronger. Strip off all the band-aids and start with a good chassis, and it will be lighter than a gussied-up Fox. Look at the specs for similar cars. None are 3800lbs.
  12. Exactly. Its not going to weigh as much as a Lincoln LS, which weighs that much, if not less.

    Also, an article in MM&FF, which interviewed vp Chris Theodore, quoted him as saying that they have been working with the aftermarket to build up performance parts so that owners can customize their cars as soon as Ford starts selling them.
  13. This just makes no sense to me. Anyone seen the latest Ford Racing catalog. You can practically put together an '03 Cobra from the parts available. This would pretty much shut down the business it appears they are trying to build up with Ford Racing Parts. I personally don't buy it but, I guess we will all see soon enough.
  14. dude, my 69 fairlane 4-door weighs in at 3,800. i'l get pics of this big boy on here eventually if you want em. There's no way the mustang will weigh as much as my car

    unless they go back to all cast iron intakes and heads and such.

    They'd have to go back to steel wheels, cuz aluminum wont be heavy enough. or perhaps some big heavy 22" wheels.

    Nice 30 gallon gas tank might do the trick.

    i know im exagerating a bit here, but it would take a lot of re-engineering to reach the 3800 pound weight my fairlane has to drag around with it. it'l probly stay around 3500.

    as for a tamperproof computer, no input port, i can see that happening. but i highly doubt theyl make it so that modifications of any sort will make the computer lock up. that would just cost them more money cuz people are gonna mod theyre vehicles anyway just to see if its true, and the dealers will be flooded with pcm warranty work.
  15. In 1969 they didn't use much sound deadening materials. That stuff weighs a lot. But the key to the weight gain....Copper. Newer cars literally have miles of copper wire in them. There is nearly 300 LBS of wire in the average car today.
  16. This story seriously lacks verisimilitude, IMO.

    If it's true, however, I fear the 'much-anticipated' redesigned Stang is destined to be stillborn.
  17. True or not, the 05 stang is a piece of sh**. 94-2004 owns.
  18. EDIT: Nevermind I don't want to know.
  19. Wanna hook me up with a ride in your time machine so I can try out the '05 Stang too? Thanks troll!
  20. sounds like a grumpy gm - fan. that d o d they wanna put on a bunch of cars is not gonna be mod friendly