Leaked email from Ford Employee

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  1. Well said.
  2. HERE HERE!!!
  3. Geez, guess I never paid attention to the T-Bird and Cougar!

    And, this is why I wanted something a bit more "luxury", and they have gone off the track in more ways than one!
  4. You hit the nail square on the head ;). Id venture to say that 25% of f-150's sales were previous a result of a ford enthusiast developed from ownership of a mustang. I know that 2 years ago i laughed at people when they talked about the f150...now i want one for sure when i get house and have a use for them. Moreoever, the lightning has helped along side the cobra and the GT to develop LOTS of brand loyalty. I came from a dodge brand loyal situation (after many truck problems i gave up on dodge and bought my mustang). Now i dont consider myself blindly brand loyal but i certainly will give a ford vehicle a chance before blowing it off like i used too. My next purchase will be an expedition and eventually when i buy a house i'll get a lightning or an f150. My mustang that only cost 19,615 off the lot fully loaded may have only made for 1000 bux in profit after all is said and done...BUT it will help bring about 50-100k of ford purchases in my name in the next 4-5 years.

    If that wont open your eyes i dont know what will...

  5. if i remember correctly the new dodge trucks with the hemi are the same way. if anything more than a K&N air filter or a cat-back exhaust are put on, the trucs computer freaks and goes into its limp-in mode. the way it works i think is that if the computer sees more air going in or out than is outside the spec set at the factory then that is where it goes into its limp-in. maybe im wrong but as far as i know thats how it works.
  6. I've not heard anything about the dodge computers doing this. It must be pretty simple to deactivate this feature(problem) because people that i've talked to have had no problem installing superchargers in a custom setup. Kenne Bell is developing a kit for the 5.7L hemi and unless ford gave them all the info to fix this then it must not be true.

  7. [QUOTE='02~'vert~GT]Common guys, honestly 3800 pounds? don't you think its a little far fetched? :shrug: thats 400-500 pounds more then the current model![/QUOTE]
    Remember, the '05 Mustang has to be made to qualify for the new 2007 crash protection standards. All this crash protection stuff does add weight. Let's just see what happens in the next several months.
  8. Yes maybe the improved crash protection will add weight. But the also have to meet CAFE standards. Which one way to do that is to lighten the car. So I don't think 400-500 lbs is accurate.
  9. Since the Mustang will be about 12" shorter than a Lincoln LS, would they really use a 2 piece drive shaft?

    The Lincoln LS uses a somewhat unique (for Ford) drive shaft that does not have U joints on it, but has flexable flanges. The Lincoln LS only comes with IRS, so I wonder if this sort of driveshaft arrangement is even suitable on a live axle car.

    The curb weight of a 2003 - 2004 LS V8 Sport is 3811 lb, which is about 100 lb higher than the original 2000 model. Since the 2005 Mustang will be about 12" shorter with most of the reduced length coming inbetween the wheels this would place the 2005 Mustang GT at around 3600 lb. Yes if the 4.6 block is still iron that adds 70 lb over the LS V8, but there are 2 less doors and I wouldn't expect the Mustang to have quite the electrical sophistication as the LS. So I'd guess 3,500 lb. for a GT coupe is within reach. Yes it will be heavier than a SN-95 Mustang, as someone said, there will be a lot more copper in it and the wheelbase is longer. 3900 lb does sound like a beliveable # for the vert, though.

    As far as the engine computer goes, I agree with the speculation that there will NOT be a socket for a computer chip. Ford's new engine control system as used on the LS, T-Bird and it apears the new F-150, is quite a bit different from the old system. You can go into the ODB-II port and make some setting changes, but large variations such as changing things to accomodate a supercharge will not be possible unless Ford gives you access to their computer code. No one has yet been able to break the code on the Lincoln LS w/o Ford's help. So real performance upgrades and tuning could be limited to larger companies like Saleen & Roush who have working arrangements with Ford.

    The LS engine and computer have knock sensors and timing is automatically advanced as far as possible, so things like a Steeda timing adjuster will probably go the way of the Model T. The VCT adds another level of comlexity to the computer code. I'd expect the 2005 automatic Mustang to use a version of the 5R55x trannie which is electronically shifted and controlled by the PCM, again more complex software. Now add in that the new Mustang will most likely be a ULEV (like the LS & T-Bird) and that means that the computer code is going to be more protected by Ford. Bottom line is that is isn't only the new Mustang, all future vehicles are going to require a higher level of sophistication to tinker with their engine controls.

    On the other hand, even with the limited ablilty to changes things on a Lincoln LS computer, the LS does respond to lower restriction cat backs and higher flow air filters and CAI induction systems without touching the computer.
  10. who gives a rats ass what simple small mods do. All of us want to know that is going to be easy to install a supercharger etc. If its not there going to lose the hardcore buyers i know that for sure. Ill keep my current beautiful mustang and supercharge it over buying a new one that all i can do is change exhaust and an intake for...sigh. I do have more faith that ford wont be that restrictive on the mustang.

  11. Actually I'd rather know about the small mods. I don't give a rat's about a supercharger. If I wanted a S/C I'd buy an 03/04 Cobra
  12. Seems like this is one of the first well-reasoned and educated (and non knee-jerk) responses in this thread. My only comment is regarding the length/weight issue. According to Edmunds the current Mustang is 10.7 inches shorter than the LS (183.2 inches vs. 193.9) and I'm guessing the new Mustang will be a tad longer because I think they are going for a slightly bigger back seat.
  13. I would also like to add that Ford and the rest of the Big 3 that have had a very strong emphasis on trucks because they didn't have real competition from foreign auto manufacturers. They have figured out they can't completely dominate the truck/suv market anymore. The importance of cars to the long time truck maker is rising.

    Now I'm not saying that everything said isn't true, but reconsider the position of importance of the Mustang to Ford.
  14. **shudders at the thought of people buying foreign trucks**
  15. The emphasis is on trucks primarily because it is the biggest market.
  16. The main concern should be with the new car:
    #1- affordability
    #2- being able to mod after the purchase
    As for the Mustang being important to Ford it is. The truck line is important also. The new Mustang is make or break for Ford with a sports car. Not too many people will be able to afford the new GT, leaving the Mustang in its many forms to be compared against the GTO and Corvette.
  17. The whole Truck/SUV vs. Mustang debate is really getting driven into the ground. Why doesn't someone get some numbers about Fords SUV/Truck sales versus the Mustang sales to prove a point? I'm not going to spend the time because frankly I could care less about which is more important to Ford. I'm more concerned with the quality and performance of the new Mustang. If the whole no-modding thing, I think that would be a huge mistake. I don't understand why Ford would do that. I mean come on, if someone purchases the car and wants to mod it, let them. Buyers understand that modding voids warrenties and they do this at their own risk. If they screw up their car, it's their fault and they have no one to be mad at but themselves. But if they improve their car with their own hardwork, then they take an extra bit of pride in their vehicle. It just doesn't make sense why Ford would be so restrictive. All they have to do is tell the dealership to check for mods, and if the mod voids the warranty, then the dealerships charge more to fix it.
  18. Personally I don't understang why this has gone 4 pages. It is a post not an email. There has been no factual confirmation on any points. Just speculation that they are doing something on the truck's computer to not let it have a chip. But that's really just it. There is speculation on a weight increase. But since we have no parts to weigh it's just that speculation. People have made some valid points but those were on sales. Not anything confirming this "leaked" news. And there have been some interesting opinions. But what do we really know that confirms any of this? Are people just yelling that the sky is falling?
  19. Since I plan on being a future '06 Cobra owner, and have been a loyal fan of mustangs since I can remember, I hope this letter wasn't true. I guess time will tell.

    Can they really make a computer put the car into Failsafe mode if a mod increases TQ:shrug: