Leaking Antifreeze Out Of Cap

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  1. I am new to the mustang world and looking for help. I just got a 2002 GT with 64,000 miles and it was wrecked in the rear. I have fixed that and have been trying to get it on the road but having issues with it. when I got it there was a hole in the radiator and there was no antifreeze in it. So I put a new one on and filled it up then there was a lot of air in there and I think I finally got that out last night. But it seems to be building up pressure still because it is coming out the little over flow hole under the cap. could there still be air in there causing this or do I have bigger problems?
  2. How did you remove the air? Best way to make sure that the air is all gone is to fill it from the thermostat housing. While you are in there you should replace the thermostat. If it sat dry for a length of time it may be stuck. Be careful reattaching the thermostat housing as these things have been known to crack.
  3. well last night I took the hose off where the thermostat goes and filled the hose until it started coming out of where the thermostat is. I have changed the thermostat already and also put a new cap on. do you think there is more air in there?
  4. Filling it there will only go to the thermostat because it isn't open. So you are only filling the hose.

    When you say water is coming from the cap is this while it is running? How is your temperature?
  5. yes it is running at idle. and the temperature never goes above half. had it idling for about 10 to 15 minutes..
  6. Is the reservoir full? It doesn't need to be. It should have hot and cold markings on it to show the correct level.
  7. Well there are not cold and hot lines on there. It just has a line towards the top that say add if below the line. So is that only when it hot? This is driving me insane....
  8. Is the coolant light on?
  9. sounds like a blown head gasket..
  10. Drain your oil to rule out blown head-gasket, should be coolant in the crank case if that was the issue.
  11. Well I really appreciate the help from everyone. I just got it taken care of. It was air pockets. Man was that a pain in the ass.

    Thanks all