Leaking Headers (NEED HELP!!!)

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by ejjmustang, Jan 14, 2004.

  1. I have a 95 GT

    I bought BBK shorty headers and they started to leak. I figured that the headers had just come loose and I had just burnt out a gasket. So I got angury and took it to a garage. He put the gaskets in and couldn't get the headers to seal. They a leaking out of the bottom of the ports on both header. Can anyone help me.
  2. Did you use the gaskets that came with the headers or did you buy some nice copper or steel gaskets to use? If you used the ones that came with the headers thats probably your problem.

    Did the mechanic clean the surface of the headers and heads good before he put the new gaskets on? More than likely if its leaking and just put new gaskets on, the surfaces wern't clean causing them not to seal giving you your leak.
  3. My BBKs did that from day one b/c the lower part of the ports was made too large and they dropped below the mating surface on the head. The result was a major leak. I welded the bottom of the ports in and then they worked until they began to get a leak at the collector. That is when I tossed them in my basement and bought Bassani's. After 3 years I could not be more happy. I have not bought anything BBK since.
  4. wait, are they leaking from where the collector is or up top??
  5. When i first put them on I used gaskets that can with the headers and I though that I had burnt those gaskets out.
  6. Headers

    How much where the new headers that you bought??