Learning so much but still have some questions with megasquirt


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May 1, 2020
I installed a stinger performance pimpxs on my mustang a few weeks ago. I initially had a problem with a defective wideband, and the accel distributor I had would not allow for full rpm sync not allowing it to run in full sequential injection. After correcting those problems it ran pretty good except for idle and it wanted to stall when I pushed the clutch in. I've been reading everything I can and watching tutorial videos and I'm proud to say it seems to be running great and the idle is a lot better.

I was hoping to get some opinions on my current tune and data logs to make sure everything is looking plausible. I am attaching a cold start that seems to be idling well, a hot start that takes a little more cranking than id like, and hunting idle that occurs when my electric fan controller is kicking in. Looking at the data log of the surging idle there is a lot going on, timing advance and idle pwm are really surging. I'm a little confused with idle advance settings and idle rpm correction curve because they both seem like they do the same thing only one is rpm based and the other is load based?

The timing table is what was included from stinger performance with 2 degrees taken out of all cells under 100 load and I took out 5 degrees in all cells over 100 for 91 octane fuel. I'm not sure if this is overly conservative because I haven't really seen other forced induction timing tables. I'm currently seeing a max of about 9 psi.

Any advice would be appreciated. All the information I'm reading is starting to get all jumbled together and its getting hard to keep it all straight.

stock 5.0 short block
aluminum gt40x heads 58cc
trickflow stage 1 cam
vortech s trim about 9 psi
crane 1.6 roller rockers
fluidampner balancer
ford racing 60 lb injectors
aeromotive 340 lph in tank fuel pump
accufab 75mm throttle body
holley systemax intake
MSD tfi distributor


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Apr 6, 2011
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short datalogs make it difficult to really see how the car is reacting when something happens..

Hot start looks like it needs more ASE and ASE taper

The timing table needs to be adjusted around the idle region, watch a datalog [like fans] pull up rpm, afr, pwm idle duty%, and ign advance.... note how the ignition advance drops then comes just like the idle does then stabilizes.. timing affects idle speed faster than the idle valve can