Least Expensive Catted X-pipe? (or H-pipe)

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by DrScientist, May 4, 2013.

  1. Hi all. I'm looking for the least expensive H-pipe or X-pipe that has cats on it. Something like that performance one from Bassani. Also I was wondering how they can actually pass emissions when they have 2 less cats on them than the factory one from my 94 GT. My factory pipe has 4 cats total, that bassani one only has 2.

    So which one can I get that will be 2.5" and flow better, but still pass emissions? And is less expensive than $500 freakin' dollars.
  2. Any new catted mid pipe is going to run you $350+. Go buy your favorite X/H-pipe at a local swap meet and then hit Ebay for a set of aftermarket spun Cats and build your own. You can get them for about $60/each.
  3. Are you using this once a year to pass or are you going to have it on the car all year round?

  4. I was just going to leave it on all year round. I had an aftermarket H-pipe but it was for a Fox body and didn't fit the car well enough for my liking. It had no cats, and wouldn't pass inspection. After a few years of swapping it out for the stock one come inspection time, I got tired of it. Now I want one I can just leave on there all year round, that will pass. But will still be an upgrade to the factory piece.
  5. Anyone have a link to said $350 H-pipe for the 94 models? I've been looking around and all I can come up with is $450+. That $350 actually sounds pretty good.
  6. lol....I said you'd spend $350 "plus" for a catted mid-pipe. The ones in the $350 range are short pipes, designed for long tube headers.
  7. So basically there really is no way around the $500 catted H-pipe. Oh well. Least I can say I tried. Oh well on to my next question.

    Is there any reason that summit brand $289, 2.5" catback won't work with a 351w? Is 2.5" too small for the windsor, or should I go 3"?
  8. That depends. Is it going to be a relatively sedate 351W, or are you gonna spend some money on some money on a deep breathing HCI top end for it?

    And what's the matter. Not digging the buy a set of spun cats on Ebay and weld them into an O/R mid-pipe. You'd probably get it all done for under $250.
  9. I second just buying the cats and welding them into a catless H-pipe. A friend of mine found a killer deal on those spiral wound cats on Newegg.com.

  10. Never heard of spun cats. I take it the inside is some kind of spiral configuration as opposed to the honeycomb look of the normal ones? I'll check 'em out. Only thing is, on the factory H-pipe (and on the catted ones I've seen for sale) the cats are at some kind of weird, bent elbow right before the header. I'm not sure I'd be doing it all correctly, if I just bought some standard form, straight cats and just welded 'em up to an H-pipe. Maybe they've got to have all that heat and that's why they're so close to the header?

    I can't build this thing and have it fail. Have to get it right the first time. They don't take parts back that have been welded on.
  11. couldnt find it either. call them?
  12. The stock pipe diameter is 2.25" with an effective diameter of 2" to 1.75" by the time they bend and weld it all up.

    Most aftermarket H/X pipes are going to be 2.5" mandrel bent with a constant diameter. (It's a good plan to double check if they dont' advertise this as a feature!)

    2.75" is an odd size that's used from the factory on some of the newer mustangs. Some aftermarket companies make 3" systems for our cars, but these can be pricey and you probably won't find one with cats.
  13. Called them and they couldn't give me an answer lol. They don't look mandrel bent anyway so I'm thinking I'll just skip that one. I'll just go with the other member's idea of building my own. Only thing is, Its weird about the cats. Some companies (like magnaflow) sell them with the cats right by the headers. Other companies, like the one that you linked, sell them with the cats at the back. Its kind of odd that Ford would spend the money on 4 cats, when 2 will pass emissions.
  14. Perhaps, but 4-cats also control noise better than two as well.
  15. I had a set of the universal 3" Spun cats welded onto my H pipe when having my exhaust finished up last year. I dont think it would cost to much to have a pair of cats welded onto an O/R H or X pipe. I had so much done to my car at that time I cant tell you for sure what the actual cost was of having that done.