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  1. After picking up some 03 cobra seats I have spent the last 4 days researching leather care. I found this article written by Jon Miller, a well respected detailer and detailing Arthur (Automotive Detailing Inside & Out, A Knowledge Base for the Perfectionist). This article really opened up my eyes on leather care and other cow hide materials. Best darn article: Main Page - DetailingWiki Scroll down to Basic Automotive Leather Care

    I was able to confirm what was written in the article above through another article by 1Z Einszett who manufactures/sell leather care products (detailing products in general) How to clean leather - einszett Car Care Products

    What I though was good, was doing very little.
  2. Good stuff.
  3. Great article... I love the detailing wiki!
  4. Leatherique is the only leather cleaner/conditioner we will use,
  5. Sorry for bumping but I figure it's better than starting a new thread.

    Ok, so what kind of leather does my 2001 GT Premium with black leather seats have? I'm seeing so many brand recommendations and some cleaners are 2 in 1 while others separate.

    I figure a conditioner is going to do plenty of cleaning in itself and I sure don't want any harsh cleaner that will damage the leather.

    How about this stuff, it has great ratings on amazon - Amazon.com: Leather Honey Leather Conditioner, the Best Leather Conditioner 8oz Bottle: Automotive

    Do I really need a $60 kit or is something like that fine? I just want to condition them so they don't tear. The seats are 10 years old so maybe I could use some that is a bit "restorative" but that could be used as a marketing term and mean absolutely nothing. I'm reading not to use armor all. Some of the Lexol brands have good reviews but they are separate cleaners and conditioners. I was hoping to spend under $20 as I'm looking at over $1000 as it is to bring the car back to looking like new.

    I also have some spots on one of the seats I'm going to try and cover up with black shoe polish before trying leather dye. Someone suggested that will work. I have no idea what caused them, either wear or bad cleaner I'm guessing. Luckily the driver's seat is perfect, but the passengers has the spots.

    Any idea's on fixing spots? No sharpies! :)
  6. Good info, unfortunately when I got my car the seats were a bit messed up but I can't find the silver dye color to fix them up :( I still clean and condition the seats though.
  7. That's a very informative article. A lot of people do not know about leather care and they need to know about all this caring methods. The fact is that if you look after your leather items they will shine and look attractive for a very long time.