"leather" seat care

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  1. Knowing that my GT's seats arent real leather, what would be the best product to use to help treat and condition them? I have noticed that they are begining to crease and eventually i am sure they will crack. I do know that it is not possible to keep the seats perfect and crease free without not using them but does anybody know the best product to use on the seats? Do i use regular leather seat conditioners? Thanx a million
  2. Two things. 1) take you wallet out of your pocket before driving your stang, I will leave a crease the which ever side you put you wallet in. 2) Be careful if your a smoker.
  3. I am not trying to be a smart guy but if it's Ford "leather" my best recommendation is not to sit on them.

    I used some very good leather care products and they still cracked.
  4. Interesting that Ford's "premium" leather isn't so hot, yet the "regular" cloth is pretty nice. :shrug:

    (I have cloth in mine, and am quite happy with it; never understood the desire for leather in a performance car, unless the car costs so much that you reason "well, for that price, it had BETTER have leather!").
  5. Not real leather? Just because its not some exotic animal leather skin doesn't mean it isn't real leather :). This is a good topic though. I've been told mild soap and water to clean off something thats on your seats. And there is some cleaner coater you can buy for leather but not sure what to use thats the best.

  6. water and wet towels work fine for me... :shrug:
  7. I clean mine with a damp rag and then put something like Armor All leather care on it. So far it has kept the seats from drying out. Although the seat is nice and slick for a few days.
  8. I use lexol on it. You can get it a Pep Boys.
  9. I use Lexol, cleaner ,and also the conditioner, it helps and is not slippery or very shiny, looks good. Leather is supposed to show "comfort lines" but not crack. Sometimes the color will wear off if not vat dyed. Many auto stores can mix dye to your color and you can touch up the spot with a small paint brush. Clean and oil once a month..
  10. I also use lexol cleaner and conditioner... But every other week I use 303 for the UV protection...
  11. i've used Maguire's leather wipes for last two years and found them to be VERY good at cleaning , conditioning, and leaving the seats soft, but not slippery.
  12. 50% woolite and 50% water mixture. Cheap and works great
  13. Just putting my .02 in..

    I have around 40k on my 02 and my drivers seat still looks pretty good I think. I have lines of course but they don't look bad at all. I attribute that to the Lexol cleaner and conditioner. I was using it like every 2 weeks, but lately not at all and I can tell they are aging faster. I thinks it's time to get back into it.
  14. The front seats are a combination of real leather and matching vinyl. The rear seats are fully vinyl.
  15. Lexol is the best stuff for leather, period.

    They make a cleaner and a conditioner.

    Only product recommended by M-B and other high line cars.
  16. Cloth is horrible when you have kids. :notnice:
  17. I have the "character lines" on mine but no cracks. I have always taken care of mine. With 52700 miles now they still llok great. I also keep a cover on mine all the time. That really helps.
    My "Limited" came with silver leather inserts on the front and back seats.
  18. Yup, the perforated slats in the front 99-04 seats are vinyl, along with the entire rear seat.

    There is only enough leather on this car to cover 1 seat really. Even the shifter boot and e-brake boot are really vinyl.

    I use Meguiers Gold Class leather conditioner on my seats. They still look brand new.

    Since the rear vinyl seat never gets sat in, i use Lexol Vinlex on it. It gives it a nice shine.
  19. Meguiers Gold Class Leather Conditioner, that's all anyone needs to say!
  20. Lexol all the way, and not slippery at all