"leather" seat care

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by 02gtred, Mar 15, 2004.

  1. I use Meguires conditioner once a month and the wipes 3-4 times a week on EVERYTHING. I drive my car daily and the seat is lined but not cracked, no big deal to me.
  2. I also use lexol. I don't think anything can help with the cheap leather ford uses. I wish I would of got cloth seats!
  3. Another vote for Meguires Gold Class conditioner and their leather wipes. :nice:
  4. Zaino's "leather in a bottle"...you won't go back.
  5. My interior 'secret' for cleaning is the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. No harsh chemicals or nasty smell. Works great on leather, especially grimy steering wheels. I use Lexol for conditioning, don't care for Armor All Leather Care-too slippery.

  6. I use the Lexol cleaner on it first, wipe it down thoroughly and then liberally apply the conditioner with your hand. Lather that baby up and let it sit overnight so the leather can aborb the conditioner. Buff it out with a towel (wont be easy) and blam! if you drive it everyday then prolly do this every couple months. I did mine twice a year...though I only put 4k on my car a year before i sold it. goodluck
  7. Yep :D
  8. Could you guys post pics of "cracks" (better not get no ass pics!) and "lines".... I have an 02 with 20k miles and I feel my drivers seat looks HORRIBLE. I condition it weekly, have UV tinted windows and always use a sunshade but they look so incredibly creased all over the bolsters and the front part just looks awful. I need to know what the difference between lines and cracks is though.
  9. "Lines" are wrinkles.

    "Cracks" are when the surface splits open, and you can see the underlying layers of the leather. These underlying layers are usually a different color, and therefore, the crack is quite noticeable.

    In my bad experience with Ford leather, "lines" today become "cracks" tomorrow no matter how well you maintain the leather. :eek: I kept the leather on my Explorer very well, cleaning and conditioning very regularly. However, it still cracked. Sometimes when I see a similar Explorer in a parking lot, I will walk by it. I am shocked to see just how worse their leather seats look! They are not just cracked, but are shredded! So, I guess all my hard work wasn't in vain. My seats could have been far worse than just cracked.

  10. What I've always been afraid of. Even more so for my GT, since I have "Anniversary" interior. Its rare and hard to find. I guess if I ever needed to get them replaced(don't drive it as much anymore), it would have to be a custom job. Or if I could get some OEM rather cheap. Not likely though.
  11. Mequiars stuff. It kinda leaves a "new car" smell too.