lebanon valley wednesday nite

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  1. lebanon valley wednesday 5/4

    is anyone hitting up lebanon valley wednesday may 4 nite for the first weeknte of the season?

    i know ill be there :flag:
  2. weather changed and it might not be so bad ( no rain but very cool )
    I went to the NE SVTOA day there on friday and only one lane was open and the track kinda sucked, but since I couldn't use my new drag wheels because of a slight rub, I might be going back up Weds. I still have a $15 rebate from the first Saturday I went up and only got 2 runs before they shut the track down becuase of modified dust drifting over?

    If you go, could you please report on the track, in case I can't make it, Thanks and good luck!

    - 04_snake
  3. i know u can make it :rolleyes:

    Can anyone else?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! :shrug: :shrug:
  4. I'm Planning on it. My buddy is going to run his MSP with his new set up. should be 12's. Somthing I've got to see.
    I'll be the slow black GT
  5. niiice ill be there in my slow gt as well :D
  6. anyone else?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??! :shrug: :shrug: :shrug:
  7. Had a blast.
    best time was 14.334 with a 2.473 60 foot time
    not too bad for 2.73 gears

  8. Nice :nice: . i did pretty bad.
    14.0 @ 102 n/a
    14.9 @ 108 spraying

    after about 8 o clock there was no traction at all and that was when i decided to spray. also with 2.73 gears.

    what was your mph on the 14.3?

    and to top this all off i got a speeding ticket on the way home :notnice:
  9. speed was 96.77. ticket machine jamed so I had to go to the tower for the numbers. I think she may have wrote it wrong.I think it was more like 98.77 mph, but not 100% sure. My last run at about 8:45 I spun the tires off the line. ran a 15.169 at 96.86 other runs were 14.536 at 98.59 and 14.497 at 98.47. still had a good time even if I was slow.
    Its tough to drive slow on the way home. I know the cops are tough in Nassua so i took it slow th whole way. Can't afford anymore tickets myself...
  10. dam the ticket machine thing sucks. ya gotta let me know when you gonna head there again. i didnt get to talk to you much this time. ill be there in 2 weeks or so once i get some et streets :D.
  11. 15$ rebate? can you use that any time? I forgot all about that, wander if I still have the ticket :( That was pretty darn dumb what they did. I knew soon as I saw the dust what was going to go on. I cleaned My car right before I headed up and that crap was all over inside my car.
    Im going back up there may14 if the weather is good.
  12. Tonight looks like the weather is going to hold out, anyone else going to take the chance and head up tonight?
  13. was plannin on it, but i gotta start saving for my turbo build....ill give it a few more weeks then ill head up there again.

    be sure to post your results!
  14. Can't make it this week. Need to add kill switch to back of stang before My next trip out or they will not let me run. Hopefully next week........... Aiming for 13's before I swap out the rear gears...
  15. First runs with my MT ET's actually on was quite a thrill, third time I have ever been down any strip, anywhere, passes 10, 11 & 12 and I am launching with 11.5" slicks and 4" fronts, it's just sick. The 14lbs PSI and sidewall flex of those ET's made the rear walk around quite a bit in 1st and 2nd, with a good bit of steering input required which surprised me. I was a little timid on the first run listening for any detonation after adding another degree of timing, so my 12.3 didn't even beat my best with stock F1's (12.2). On stock tires you just go straight so it's easier to hit your shifts but I kinda warmed to the challenge of shifting AND steering and I even figured out how to dump into 2nd, hop to the brake and heat the rubber but I think I still want a line lock. I don't have my Ram clutch or Diff cover brace on yet so I am only launching around 2500 and it is bogging slightly, but that's OK, no hopping. I was short shifting my 2500mi youngster around 5800-6000 rpm while testing hopefully my final track tune with 23.5 Deg timing/11.8 A/F.

    here is what I did:

    ------ run1 ---- run2 ---- run3
    R/T -- .546 ---- .545 ---- .327
    60 -- 1.811 --- 1.901 --- 1.901
    330 -- 5.205 -- 5.214 --- 5.208
    1/8 --- 8.051 -- 7.920 -- 7.930
    MPH -- 89.03 -- 94.09 -- 91.89
    1000 - 10.401 - 10.212 - 10.227
    1/4 -- 12.383 - 12.148 - 12.165
    MPH - 114.50 - 116.76 - 116.95

    I need more seat time, so I can learn to launch better and get what my car has left in it, I'm just getting started but no rush, I'll get'r done.

    Tree problems delayed the start and I was in the burn box, when the guy going down the track, threw a wheel, which then passed him. shutdown and got to practice a bonus burnout 20 minutes later. A big crowd meant only 3 runs, was shooting for four and an early exit but had the lights shut off on me in the parking lot before I got my street tires back on for the drive home. No biggie.

    lots of stangs there, couple vettes and a viper, what a freaking blast. :)

    most fun I have had in a long time with my pants on :D

    - 04_snake
  16. yea once you get more wheel time im sure you will go 11's for sure. but dont stop the mods there :D

    ill head up to the track once it gets and stays a little warmer :nice:

  17. i see people posting 1/4 times from lebanon valley. i thought that was a 1/8 mile track :shrug:
  18. Its a full size track, but it also has jr. dragsters and other stuff that runs 1/8, maybe you saw some of those results? Now is it a bit rinky dink and backwoods, probably but it is only 55 mi from me.
  19. LVD is 1/4 mile but it is a small backwoods track. I personally dont mind it, and even though I run a tenth or two off what I can run at NED or Etown, its the closest track!

    I was at the SVTOA event when it was one lane, and it sucked. We didnt run our heads up classes because of that!
  20. someday i may have too head out there. just too see some of you new york guys. i am only 46 miles or so from NED so thats where i race all the time.