lebanon valley wednesday nite

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  1. im hoping for mid 12's on motor with dr's. I dont have my old nitrous kit anymore but im gonna get another one soon. should be somewhere in the 11's after that:D
  2. Fairly dissapointing night. Made 4 passes by 8 pm when I had to start for home. First run I missed 2nd(first run jitters) Then after that i just couldn't get my 60 foot times down below 2.0. I was only launching at 2000 rpms cause I was still nervouse of the new rear end and had 20 psi in the tires because the compressor was broke and its a long ride home with no air.

    13.5x at 103.xx was my best for the night. not bad for "stock" heads and intake. I think 13.2's a possibilty.:shrug:
  3. wednesday may 31st.....i will be there so everyone should go. hoping for a high 12 on motor with street tires:D
  4. THe other ngiht I ran my 82 rabbit lol I just wanted to see what it did before I get rid of it. 18.4@72:lol: :lol:
  5. hahah if i didnt have my mustang together by now i most likely would have brought my winter car, a 1990 accord with 281k:lol:

    anyone esle gonna go tonight?
  6. yeah the worse part about it is the exhaust rotted off and its just a straight manifold now so so was wicked loud.

    I would go to watch but im going to be putting my mustang back together later:D
  7. whats up its adam I was talking to you a few weeks back at the track
  8. Whats up brother? I was actually gonna Put my stang on the market next week, but I've decided to hang on to it and chace after all you guys who have done major motor work! When are you gonna have yours back together? I'll be up next week.

    Hey Kyle be sure to post your times with the new set up!
  9. i actually was hesitant to do that lol

    first off, in my defense, i am definately not used to the new set up yet:bang:

    i mean i drove the car with stock 2.73's (until a week ago) for 2.5 years. also, i havnet been shifting the car high enough, as im not used to a motor that can actually spin past 5500:lol:

    it was on $60 kuhmos that were are PAST the wear indicators

    my 60ft was 2.3 and my mph was 105, so you guess the et:D

  10. 14.1? I hear ya about the new set up, I only changed gears this year and I can't figure out how to launch mine yet. How many runs did you get in?
  11. i got 4 runs in. lots of people broke and they had some problems with the time board. they closed at like 8pm because of lightning:mad:

    my first 2 runs dont even count....i got 2.1 60ft's but missed 3rd on both of them

    after the 3rd run, i realized i was not shifting the car high enough. went 13.7 @ 103 with a 2.1 sixty foot

    so on the 4th run i decided to shift higher(still not shifting where i should be) and try to come out of the hole a little harder which did not work too well.

    best i could get was a 13.6 @ 105. basically i need some sticky tires and i need to learn how to drive this car again
  12. We heard you pull in!! Didn't realize it was you. I was there with a couple of guys from work. one with a black GTI the other with a silver R32. both VW nuts, of course they saw every VW that showed up.:shrug:
    You should have stoped over.
  13. 13.6 with a 2.3 60 ft? damn. get some slicks and go!:hail2: what were you launching at? Did you change gears as well this year? no spray I'm assuming.
  14. Anyone planning on going on the 9th?
  15. lol thats funny. as far as my mustang goes well i just dropped a 1/4" socket down the dist hole after priming it :notnice::notnice: Looks like tommorow nights project is lifting the motor back out a tad and taking off the oil pan. I fished around for at least an hour with a magnetic wand or whatevr you call it. oh well hopeully no more than a few weeks from now.
  16. Man that sucks. I did that with a head bolt washer over the winter on a mazda truck. dropped through a oil return. luckly it was my brothers truck. If you ever need a hand, let me know. I'm good at dropping stuff:D
  17. cool. where do you live at again? my car is in clifton park right now. I got it out and it turned out it was right near the front drainplug hole the whole time! YEah dropping stuff in the engine is:notnice:
  18. I'm right off exit 9, Just off Plank Rd. Country Knolls. Look for all the pissed of people. You'll find me right in the middle!!!!!:D
  19. Did the same thing, dropped a bolt down the distributor hole back in February. Luckily it wound up in the front sump by the drain plug too.