lebanon valley wednesday nite

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  1. yea no more nitrous for now:(

    i did the gears finally, 3.73's

    i honestly dont know where i launched at. my tires are past the wear indicators and i wasnt even watching the tach going down the track:bang:. i really just need more time to figure out some issues and learn the combo some more.
  2. I went 3.73's this year too. only major change I made other then coil overs up front. Blew all my money rebuilding the rearend. I expected big changes in my 60 foot times over lastyears with the 3.08's. last years best was 2.073 and this years best is a 1.864 which was friday night, and it wasn't even me driving. :shrug: thanks to John Perez (had a black 99 Cobra Vert. last year, has a bright red 99 cobra this year). basicaly as everyone says, I'm afraid of breaking it!:rlaugh: I can't break a 2.0 60, but trap speeds are consistant 104.++ with no wheel spin. Need to swap out the damn "c" springs or somthing with a little give.
    Unfortunatly, My goal of 12's with "stock" heads and intake are not gonna happen:bang: , so I think after the traction issue is taken care of, a new intake is next in line.:(
  3. bad news, for me anyway.


    I need a new motor:( . ive got some bad rings on the number 1 and 2 cylinders. under wot i get oil out of the dipstick and out of my breather. a leakdown test proved it last week.

    too bad im broke right now.
  4. Sorry to hear that Kyle, that really sucks.
  5. Yea, that does suck bro.
  6. Have you started repairs yet?
  7. sorry to hear that, that sucks
  8. I know its quite a bit early but me and some friends are going to T&T weds. 7/28.....(my work schedual sucks!)
    Anybody gonna be there from on here????
  9. I'll try to remember, drop a reminder in a couple of weeks.
  10. not on the motor yet. im gonna save that for the winter. a few weeks ago i hit a deer so all my money and effort is going toward fixing what bambi broke. its been quite a depressing month:( .
  11. not a weds. its a Friday, and theres no test and tune! I thought i recognized the date. The1320 has broken up,(I was a member) but the event is still on, the Dillerenzo's are putting it on.here's the link


    I'll definatly be there. we only had about 50 cars at the first one because there was a threat of rain, hope to be a lot more this event
  12. Well that sucks, but let me guess...Did you meet Bambi out on the Taconic?
  13. There was a ton of Mustangs at LVD tonight. I think 1/2 the cars there were Mustangs, mainly Fox bodies and '94-'04's but there were a few older ones and 2 new style ones.

    I didnt have one there (dont own one yet) and just went as a spectator though.

    Theres a Shut Up And Race event this Friday night at 6 pm.
  14. yup, I ran in the first shut up and race, back when we still had THE1320. I was planning on going tomorrow, but got myself barried in an intake swap from hell that should have been done yesterday, but here we are. if weather is nice, there will be alot of fast cars you won't see at the track any other time!
    what year stang you looking at?
  15. '92. Im getting it in a few days.

    Im going to be there tomorrow after I get out of work so it might be closer to 8. Im just going as a spectator again since as of right now I just have the Hyundai.

    One of my neighbors is going tomorrow with a white '68 Chevelle.
  16. It rained again and is rescheduled for Saturday 9/23 at 10 am.

    They got some runs in but it started raining at about 8:30 tonight.
  17. AJ, Kyle, Roachie do you remember when??

    you picked up your last muscle car, your first muscle car, maybe your only muscle car?

    View attachment 440022

    I'm a car guy so I remember everyone of those days and I've been blessed to add another new memory.

    View attachment 440024

    All summer I had no car to have fun with in-between driving my beatup pic'mUp to the shop to work on the money pit. The DD is a WRX, nice commuter car, but.... well my driving boredom had to be corrected and we all know the best things usually happen willed by fate. Without any search on my part, this practically stock, low mile 99 SS, with brand new P-Zeros landed in my lap. Junior thought he had an air box, but it looks like the guy who worked on it just slipped a K&N filter in there, no biggie. I am determined to keep this one fun and practical to drive on the street.

    UPDATE ON THE MONEY PIT: it is almost ready to drive on the trailer to bring it back to Franks for the torque box welding for the 9". Wow I can't wait to drive the POS onto the trailer....makes me sick, oh well.

    First I had to scrap together a little cheddar, took me a couple weeks so no bank:

    View attachment 440026

    Finally I got to see all the SS Stickers and another cool manual for my collection. Not sure why but all that crap that comes with a car new, always floats my boat? Doesn't matter if it is 40 years old or brandy new.

    View attachment 440032

    I drove this car home in heavy rain on the new Pirelli's, no drama, the setup was OK for a high HP heavy car, not bad. Then ran it around town the next day, still in the rain, between two shops I am involved with to get it inspected and do a baseline pull on a load bearing Dynojet:


    Bone stock, with a crappy Flowmaster cat back, my little mudfish has a flat as a foundation TQ Curve (what curve) over 300 and a very impressive 294HP uncorrected (to me anyway!). We stuck the sniffer in to see what the factory A/F looked like at WOT on the last pull and to my surprise it was a nice and safely fat 11.6-11.7 so it looks like I can make a few passes at the track before I even get my HP Tuners software. The MAF should keep the A/F in about the same place even with an air-box that will let it breath better but it has room to get a little leaner. 04SNAKE's stock Ford tune was up around 12.5, too lean for a blown car and on the edge for N/A, so I thought I would see what this one was before I could get a WB in it and it really puts my mind at ease. It can stay nice and chunky until I trim it a little leaner with a couple more degrees of timing nice and slow. We made 3 pulls back to back practically and each one was bumping the power numbers up so it looks like there is some more clearing of the carbon to do but proves to me the car was not driven hard, confirming what the young fellow said about the car.
    Being outside the car, during WOT let me listen to the lump in a way driving with the windows down, will not allow and everything sounded tight, no ticks at startup cold/warm or idling right after a WOT punch. I have a fresh, basically broken in motor. While under it I noticed some minor leakage out of the tail shaft, but from what I understand the jello trani mount and not too balanced drive shaft will do that to the rear seal, but that looks like the only leak anywhere.

    Cleaned it off, removed some of the graphics but what do you think about the kid flames on the rockers, not liking them myself?


    I'm not big on them, if it was track only car maybe, but I think it will draw all the wrong attention to the car so it looks like they are going to be removed. There was another ribbon of vinyl fire up near the top of the doors but I already took the heat gun to them. Not sure about the rocker panels though, what do you think?

    Under the hood was untouched. Jr. didn't do the show thing so I could see that the car really wasn't driven during the winter, a big deal where I'm from, couple dirt roads maybe but that is fine.


    remember a nice is car, is just a nice car... is a nice car, right?
    .......so don't hate

    and I'll see you Weds nite, remember to look for me in the red Catfish!

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  18. I wont be out there this week because Im getting my 4.10's put in but hopefully Ill be there next week for the final street night.
  19. WOW! I don't know what to say!. na, good to see you with something you can have fun with again. How is the Beast anyway? did you say it was un drivable? noracing this year?
  20. 4.10's? did you ever find out what you had to begin with? Sunday the 24th is going to be an open bracket event. 6 classes. should be good. I just got my winter car yesterday, so nomore worring about breaking and not haveing a ride. hope to be out both wednesday and sunday.