lebanon valley wednesday nite

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  1. I'm Back, look for me Weds, don't hate!

    it was getting work done in the gas tank, needs rails and then it wil drive onto the trailer to dyno it. The year is over, the pace with me doing the work is slow so the solid is going in right away while the interior is still out of it. Nitrous and a slew of gauges after that. It's is just a race car that is never done, fairly common thing so I needed something to drive.

    So do you think the GT can take it? It feels REAL strong but no drag radials yet, I hope to have them on Saturday. So can you take me with street tires on it?

    I missed weds nights, the Cobra didn't like the dewey track, I couldn't run in the 12.0 index, I want to set this one up to play on Weds nites again.


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  2. Im almost positive its got 2.73's. I never actually had it in the air to check but it doesnt matter to me because the current gears suck anyway. It doesnt take off from a stop very well with the stock gears.

    Ive gotta work on the 24th unfortunately. Id like to race my car though.

    Whats the winter car?
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    the newest ride. unfortunatly this is where I normaly park the stang. the wife won't leave the beemer outside either, so looks like its time to build a new garage!
  4. I was expecting a $500 POS for the winter car, not something nice like that.

    My daily driver/winter car is newer and nicer than my Mustang though.
  5. run it at the track, I bet it has a 16 in it. I'll run ya heads up with the WRX, it is a 16 sec car.
  6. Ive seen Grand Cherokee's running high 15's there
  7. Ive seen Grand Cherokee's running high 15's there
  8. the only time it'll make it to the track is to pull the stang home if it breaks.
    I'm dissapointed about the track tody. again, the tires went on the stang last night and I drove it to work with the bald DR's and just as I get ready to leave albany I get a call saying the track is closed due to rain.

    this sucks. I started a new job in the begining of july and just have not had the time to make it to the track between work and work at home. tonight was set aside several weeks ago.so much for this year I guess.
  9. too quick for me!
  10. this weekend looks pretty crappy too! I 2nd day air'd an intake lid/bellows so I could try and run tonight with it, oh well. I didn't even call, the radar told me all I needed to know.
  11. I didnt plan on going because I was supposed to get the gears put in (guy never called me to do it) but I wouldnt have thought it would be cancelled. All it did here was sprinkle for a minute or two a few times, not even enough to wet the road.

    Hopefully Ill make it out next Wednesday.
  12. not this one. 4000 lbs 4wd and a 4.0 straight 6.... 17's maybe just maybe very high 16's but we will never know

    but hey,
    my mustang runs high 15's:D
  13. My fastest time is 15.3.
    Now Im getting my gears put in on Tuesday so Im definately hoping to make it to the track Wednesday.
  14. Plan on some break in tuesday and wednesday, at least a couple hundred miles, different speeds (not all highway). Depends on gear set but how they seat will have a direct relationship to how long they last with abuse.
  15. I didnt know that.
    I planned on driving it a bit Tuesday and all day Wednesday and then to the track Wednesday (45 miles or so).
  16. Like I said in the other forum, thats not bad at all for a basicly stock auto. ecspecialy with 2.73 or 3.08 gears. I ran 3.08's untill this past winter when I finaly changed mine out for some 3.73 and a new diff. as well.Got tired of the one wheel peel.went from a best ever(cool night perfect conditions) 13.98 to a new best of 13.54 first outing of the year. Suspension will make a big difference too. I converted to 275LBS coil overs up front and eibach drag springs in the rear, lost the front sway bar, 10 way adjustable Strange eng. struts and shocks, I've only had 6 passes on the new set-up but saw it run a 1.83 60' time and 13.56 on drag radials!
    not to bad for a stock head and intake setup if I don't say so myself.
    I just converted to a fox style intake setup. Heavly ported trickflow street heat with a 70 mm t-body to match my "stock" ported heads. She runs and pulls strong to 6000 now and seems to work well with the cam! Thats why I can't wait to see some more track time.

    Anyway, what I started out saying before I got off on a tangent, I ran my gears for about 500 miles or so, then changed out the fluid. I did this also to inspect them as well and check the tourqe cause it was the first time I'd done a set of gears myself. But I definatly agree with Snake. Brakem in before you race em.
  17. I swapping 4.10's into the catfish next week, so I'll just cruize around to break them in, couple hundred miles but I'm not gunna swap the fluid, too friggin expensive!

    Man things didn't start off so great for the SS. I changed the fuel filter, oil and trani juice, so I needed to take out the rear O2 sensor so I could stuff a QT gear oil container and a hose about level with the filler hole and easy as can be took the threads out too. No biggie but I had to find a plug, planned to take it out of the tune anyway. Got blasted square in the face and eyes with syncromesh. So I drive all over tonight, Albany, Colonie, Schen and back. Car feels strong, any bets as to times? Totally stock under the hood but I am going to tune it, 10.5 DR's, air bags and some rear suspension and drivetrain upgrades.

    I cross the river into troy, decide to drive thru the city and then home. I circle around and on my way up the congress street hill, 2 blocks from the Police station some little dick threw a rock or something metal from a wooded area that chipped my passenger side window and paint. sounded like a gunshot, SOB, I was turning towards home in a nother 500 yds. F'ng Troy is geting as bad as Schen, I really prefer riding around Saratoga. I had the car a week and it now it has its first paint chip in 7 years.

    Sucks, I was all pumped that the snake roared to life again after a month and 1/2. It was like watching Frankenstein awakening, all the fuel delivery upgrades are done and no leaks. had to use the new CPR rails with the stock injectors, the fitting they shipped only worked with the new rails, discovered that last week. A little more wiring and to the Dyno next week. Yup a blast with straight headers will cure what ails you. Finally could test the replacement clutch from Ram, seems fine this time, plenty of adjustment and freeplay. Man everything was coming together, I was finally enjoying driving around something again and WHAM, *hello* reality here, time for your kick in the nuts!
  18. I ran a
    13.4 wed. night with a sad 1.9 60'. I'll run ya next spring!

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  19. First 3 passes in a 99 SS M6



    SLP Lid w/new K&N, SLP bellows, 160Tstat, fresh Royal Purple Syncromesh & Redline 10-30, Jegs 4.10's, T/A bolt-thru 10 bolt Diff cover, Front sway bar removed, Poly Trani-mount, Spohn Cromoly tunnel braced TA w/Loop (-2* angle), Cromoly SFC's, Spohn Cromoly LCA's, Spohn Cromoly PHB, OEM Concepts 11" ZR1 chrommies, Nitto 315 DR's w/(17-18lbs), AirLift Drag Pack air bags (22lbsL/28lbsR), HP Tuners money tune by mE w/13.0AFR and 28.5* timing, LM-1 WB (temp setup) and I ran 96-97 octane Torco mixed Sunoco Unleaded.

    Click to zoom​

    0920-SSpicsLidBellow05-800.jpg 1007-MPVI-LM1_28-800.jpg
    1007-LeftSFconnect_01-400.jpg 1007-LeftSFconnect_02-400.jpg
    1007-RightSFconnect_04-400.jpg 1007-RightBag_07-400.jpg
    1007-Cover_09-400.jpg 1007-RightPHB_10-400.jpg
    1007-LeftPHB_11-400.jpg 1007-TAnose_13-400.jpg
    1007-PinionAngle_14-400.jpg 1007-TraniMount_16-400.jpg
    1007-BagNozzles_18-400.jpg 1007BoschSensor_21-400.jpg
    1007-TempLM1_22-400.jpg 1007-160Tstat_23-400.jpg

    here is what my AFR looks like now after one last 0.5% correction to the MAF transfer table after looking at the track logs. One last verification at the track, the place I fine tune for and the LM-1 comes back off for the Cobra. This 4th gear highway pull is not smoothed, unlike all those Dyno AFR plots that you are used to seeing.


    there were a couple cameras rolling, movies to follow.


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