lebanon valley wednesday nite

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  1. Bring your jackets and hot coffee, gunna get chilly.
    2700 hard miles, 12 passes and I thought I might peek at the plugs. looked fine and but I still swapped them out for fresh TR-6's to try out. boy those heads and coil packs are real trips on a terminator, kinda miss real wires and glad I got that long SK spark plug socket.
    ......need my drag strip fix, now I'm hooked, lost cause.
    only in america :flag:


    all hail the terminator, 11.80/118.45 launching at 2500 (orig clutch) and still short shifting around 58-5900. There is more and it blows me away, I finally cut a light, .273 is a best for me, but that isn't that great and a 1.75 60ft wasn't my best but that aint bad. 95+ in an 1/8 mile was a best and probably should get me trapped 120+, but 3.53 rear might make that hard, because I just shift into 4th and it's over. I can see now how dropping a solid rear in these with 4.11's can get you into the 10's, but I'm just playing..... for now.
  2. I saw your car up there last week. nice ride. Saw a few MASSDRIVEN stickers. wasn't sure who every one was. Nice run. I picked up a set of 235/60/15 M&H tires to run, but won't make it back up for 2 weeks. hope to improve my 60's and get into the 13's
  3. nice run, almost pulled your taarreezz off the ground!

    - 04_snake
  4. Snakeless, but I'm going up to take some movies and see what the WRX daily driver can do. LMK if you want me to take any movies of your runs, just look for the silver WRX, with the "TURBOWRX" plates and point out which car you want a movie of.

    Ram clutch getting installed now so I should have it broke in in a couple weeks and will see if I have improved my trap speed. Looks like a fine evening to burn a little rubber under the stars.

    - 04_snake
  5. Oh I would love to see my car on video running down the 1/4. but I have to work my 12 hour day tomorow night and can't leave the wife home with the little one 2 nights in a row, so I will not be able to make it tonight. I will definatly be there next week unless I break somthing between now and then.
    However my buddy Brian will be up there with hi 2003 Mazdaspeed Protege running in Pure Street. Car is black with a set of black steel wheels and BFgoodrich drags on the front. If you get a video of him running that would be great.
  6. So how did the WRX hold up? My buddy ran 13.20 with his 2.0L mazda Protege at 109 mph. not to bad i'd say....
    I'll be up next week
  7. Sorry Jay,

    I bailed from work at 2, I had come in early so I didn't see your note but I think I remember the car and we might have it on tape, I'll take a look tonight. My WRX was a disappointment, it is an auto, the wife drives it so I didn't want to fight the battle I did with a F-150 I had, when I tried to teach her to drive a standard. I knew my super-stock AWD 227hp, would be about 160-170 at the wheels and that seemed to be about right for my times but I thought the auto might help 1/4 times but it was just the opposite, the AWD diff on an auto is different than the 45-55 AWD diff setup on a 5-speed, so even when I pre-loaded the drivetrain on the line, when I released the brake it was like I had traction control on and it just took it's sweet time gaining RPM's. I ran a 16.2, 16.3 and a 16.2, but on the last race I ran another 02 stock WRX. I could see him get a little wheel spin dumping the clutch, my tires never break loose, good for snow, bad for 60ft times, any way he got 1.5 car lengths on me at the start and it stayed that way the whole way down the track, with us having almost identical 1/8 and 1/4 MPH (89) but he got the 5-speed to run 15.5, which is where I thought I should have run, oh well. It appears that is all she has but I proved the wife could race her safely, I tried manual shifting of the auto, everything and the times stayed the same. Pulling up the WRX auto to the light and pressing the gas on green, will work as well as anything, so I am going to try to get her to go for a time! I met Gary Childs out there with his yellow GT with the black stripes, he has my snake in his shop doing the clutch this week and was running low 13's with new Nitto DR's, I guess he got sick of switching to the stickies, it is a pain. I will probably go up next Wednesday, just to watch and film some runs so I hope I can get you on tape, I quit early last night and had a blast just watching, boy some of those "fans" are brutal in the stands, it is entertaining for sure.

    - stu
  8. Sounds like it was a good time. I've tried to get my wife to come along to autocross events and drag raceing, but its just not gonna happen.
    Definatly there next week. May be the last time till July, but I'll have to wait and see. hopeing for 13's and better 60's with the new tires.
  9. me too. i gotta get 13's on motor. if its warm and if there is the possibility of hooking on my street tires, i will crack open the bottle :worship:
  10. anyone else.....:shrug:

    weather is supposed to be spectacular
  11. I am going up to watch, only 350mi on the new clutch, it won't be broke in, but its fun just watching, listening to all the cracking in the bleachers. I'll put your 5.0 in a movie, which 94 GT is yours?

    - 04_snake

  12. shucks i wanted to see something fast race :(

    anyway, mine is a dark green sn-95 with the stock 16 inch waffle wheels. a very reconizable feature is the bashed in passengers side quarterpanel.

    pictures can be seen in my car domain in my signiture.
  13. Well, I'm out. Made plans to talk to some people about a possible job change. 10 years of the samething day after day dealing with misserable people makes you crazy after a while. I'm bailing on this week(sorry). but next week is a definate.
  14. understand, you need to find that better place! I work for the state, pay would be better as a consultant, but I solely determine when and how much time I take off, up to 8 weeks, so I like that over the $$. good luck. I think I'm shooting for the Ford Saturday in a couple of weeks, no more being shy about exploding the clutch, but may have to take a couple of maiden passes the Wed night before, I can't wait, but with everything I got invested in the new clutch setup, I will be a good boy and break it in slowly. Still plannig on sneaking up tomorrow, but just to watch.

    - stu

  15. very cool. another member, droptop50 will be there too. i literally cant wait to get up there and spray on a warm day :banana:
  16. :eek:

    just noticed they have picture of my car getting beat by that 10 sec 65 hemi cuda funny car thing, on Lebanon Valley's home page.
    not fair. he redlighted!
    LOL. it's from MusclePalopza, and they have a larger version in the gallery. The only set of tail lights I have seen in like 15 runs, he he. I love it.

    - 04_snake
  17. unfortunately i didnt meet anyone there this time. but i did run a new best of [email protected] :banana: . i'll be heading up again soon to nail a 12 on street tires(most likely next week).
  18. Nice times. 1 second improvement!!! What did you change? I heard everyone was running a little slower lastnight cause of the weather.
    I should have gone. My "meeting" turned out to be a waste of time....
    het Stu, I see they will have a couple of Bracket classes. I think I'll run!!! Mine is too slow for heads up, so we will see....
  19. Hey guys! Next Saturday (6/18) is Ford Day at LVD. Any of you guys going to be there for that? There is going to be three heads up classes running that day. Check out mhraracing.com for the rules. I believe they a couple of bracket classes as well.