lebanon valley wednesday nite

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  1. sounds good, didn't it rain at the track? Damn, I bailed, it was raining hard in my corner of the county and it looked like the same storm went out to Mass around 7:30? I got my 500mi in, easy maidens runs on the new crunchy clutch next wed, if the weather is OK, all pointing to letting completely loose Ford day.

    Sorry Kyle, wish i had got that run filmed for you, I'll get your 12 on film. Heck I might be experimenting with the in-car camera shot, next wed. I have a camera mount for head rest posts, if you still have stock seats, how about an in car movie of a 12 sec run?

    I need to go to that web site, do you have to pre-register?

    - stu
  2. we had 2 short delays for drizzle around 8-830 ish. i actually ran my best time during a slight drizzle.

    that sounds awesome. yea i got stock seats.
    also dont worry about not filming...i had 2 freinds filming. they all let out some "Holy S**ts" after words :lol:

    didnt change anything. last time was motor runs with no tailpipes and no back pressure. the one spay run it was 37* out and i didnt hook at all. i didnt run any motor runs last nite because this time i sprayed and actually hooked:worship:

    weather permitting i WILL be there next wednesday again :banana:
  3. Ill be there on the 18th, some of you others should head out. I might hit some wed nights over the summer, but only on the street radials, dont feel like bringing axles with me on those events!
  4. this MHRA group has been doing this meet for a few years now and everything I have heard about the past ones has been good. heads up classes, brackets, swap meet and stuff, sounds pretty cool, I'm starting the no-rain dance already. Can't wait. If Sat or Wed looks the least little rain free, I need some launches on the new setup so I'm there at the Valley.

    - stu
  5. Yup the 18th is starting to sound realy good. I'll be the slowest guy there! Can't wait. May actually bring the wife and kid as well.
  6. i need to stick to the wednesday nites cause its $10 cheaper and im still on a high school student budget and nitrous is expensive :lol:
  7. Yeah, there was a whole crew of us that went up there that day. You should have said something, it's always good meeting new people.

    Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Not with those heavy front rims, and the major bog I had after launch. I'm looking for a used set of welds for the front now, to try and save some weight.
  9. ok ill be there wed 5/15 so long as the weather holds out.
  10. who wants an in-car video??? I put the mount in my crappy rig and here is what it looks like, I know, I know I shift in slo-motion, but I am trying to get better!!

    check it out here ==> In car vid of my 11.59 from Sat

    catch up with me at the track and we can mount it in your rocket and then you can have one too!
  11. i want one!!!!!!!
    i think im gonna buy some new tires, fill the bottle, and ill be there wednesday the 29th. I want a 12 on street tires! or you could lend me your slicks :D .
  12. What a nice nite!
    :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:
    Kyle there were some guys looking for you and your little bottle and Jay, the young kid with the over-achieving STI ran a 12.98 in that little ricer, very impressive.
    3 other dudes, Joey, Dom and the guy with the competition orange 04 made for a mini terminator meet, very cool indeed! :nice:
    I also made the rounds and saw a 1/2 dozen other stang dudes, from the area that were trying out their skills. I finally ran some decent trap speeds, 121.5 and 121.6, but couldn't book-end them to any good 60ft's, so 11.59 is still my mark to beat, but I can't complain for a bolt-on bucket. Only bummer was when I got home and realized I left my Mcgard locking lugnut key on the wheel, after I torqued it down. $22 to ship another, two day delivery, so I can race next Weds or I will be running on the streets, I hate middle age moments! Oh well, at least I didn't break or F up something more expensive, but for the last two trips to the track I meant to ditch those locking lugnuts, I have extra lugs because I change my setup in the front, so just more laziness that ended up costing me, AGAIN! :bang:

    So who other than Kyle, is going out next Weds, the 29th?

    - stu
  13. Is the STI guys name Jason by chance? Looked familer. I may have gone to school with him if its who I think.

    I won't make it up next week, but My father is coming up from Texas the following week and wants to make the trip out to see my slow car run.
    Had a good night myself. new best time of 13.9 at 98mph. not bad for "stock" heads and intake with 2.73 gears. 2.01 60ft time. Hopefully will improve next time.
  14. not sure, I know he answers to Jay? nice run, 13's is good! :cheers:
    Gary bolted on a KB, has slicks, chip, trick shifter and he can't go faster than 13.2, very respectable, well now what are you going to bolt on next? lol!
    it is a sickness..
  15. now i cant make it wednesday :notnice: :( :nonono: :owned: :bs: :mad: :damnit: :fuss: :nono: :doh: :puke: :flame: :eek: :confused: :uzi: :chair: :scratch: :spam:

    im quite pissed
  16. :stupid: excuses will be made for you, because they will ask where you are! They want to see you hit the juice.

    I want to se if my new tune will make me an outlaw ET < 11.50. :nono:

  17. Make sure you record the run!
  18. i'm actually about to sell the nitrous :notnice: . i need money for turbo parts :D .
  19. not a problem, but I need to find a new place to post them, I wore out my welcome at the last site, too many movies I guess, anyway I have been searching around but that is why you can't download my in-car flick anymore, looking for a new home for it. Weather looks real iffy and I have a lot planned for the weekend, most of it involves watching the NHRA Pro's at the Valley this weekend, so I don't need to get rained on again and all the extra cleanup required afterward, so I'm 50-50, just like the weather. Anyone else going to risk it, you might get a lot of runs if you are lucky and they don't lose the track. I got my friggen $22 replacement McGard lug nut key in the mail Monday and them suckers will never see the light of day again until I have to park it somewhere like NYC, yeah like NEVER!

    - stu
  20. Got rained on again, Jeeezuzzz. 3 runs, hot and muggy and then a 45 min tease wait w/ sprinkles. front of the lane as usual, get sent home with a $5 wrist band and the heavens open up before I can get my tires swapped, what fun!