lebanon valley wednesday nite

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  1. well figure out if I'm there, when you come around the tower and pass where they have a water hose on the left (right where the new restroom trailer is), look right and that is usually where we set up so I can use my jack on pavement and we can put the camera inside your fox body for some runs. I might be up this week, need more practice running guys down. When I'm bracket racing I'm fine if I'm the rabbit, as soon as I have I guy next to me I act like it's my first pass down the strip ever. Thought I was done with test-n-tune when I got the car dialed in, but it seems I still a lot of work to get the driver dialed in. I will be counting off secs, giving lengths like pinks or something, before I break the beams to handicap whatever I line up against, so I can practice my focus and running my own race.

    anyone else going up weds if it doesn't rain, I doubt if i'll take a chance if it is threating, but 40% or less and I'm there.
  2. I won't be up this week or next, not till my kitchen is done. Its currently gutted and the cabinets arrive tomorow and i don't even have the floor down yet. besides my rear trac-loc is gone.my best last week was 14.17, i won't mention the other 2 runs befor i decided to go home..
    I'll be up in a couple of weeks. Keep me informed on how every one is doing.
  3. I have a 94 LOL, not a fox :nono: .

    Anyway ill be watching the weather too. I watch the green blobs on the radar and make my own predictions to decide what im goin to do :nice: .
  4. My bad, educate me, my car is a fox-f so??, so what are the years? I know a 96 is the newer style, I don't know stangs for crud, I just own one? LOL.

    fox = 82-93, lets see how long I can remember that, ...maybe a month or 2.
    fox-f = 94-04
    ?? = 05
  5. I'll be there Wed night. In the hunt for a 12 second slip :nice:
  6. I love that positive attitude! Well we might just have to get an in-car video of that, now won't we?
  7. no in-car, but here is the link to my best run last week


    now there is a strong chance that work will interfere with my plans. This sucks. My girlfriend scheduled work around this. She's been bitten by the drag bug now, too. Tomorrow would be here first time on a drag strip.

  8. me too. Has anyone see my mph? :owned:
  9. I couldn't get the movie to play with media player, only the sound, do you need real player or quicktime? :(

    the weather may interfere with everybodies plans tonight, my backup plan is to go up real early Saturday, Sunday is a no points big bracket bash which means it may take all day for 3 runs and elimination so since the weather is going to be sweet Saturday, I think we are there. I'll have the coffee and hardrolls if anyone stumbles by hungover.

    edit: who knows the weather will be better south and east and it looks like they totally botched the forecast. If I go it will rain, so If I do and it does I apologise in advance.
  10. im gonna be watching the weather for the next few hours. This may be a close one.
  11. I said I would go, it starts raining. Well I hope Sat turns out nice

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  12. We got rained on :notnice:
    I'm done racing the car til my turbo is done.

    unfortunately i will never see the 12 sec slip i wanted with nitrous. I am retiring the car from the track (for now) with a 13.07 @ 110 :damnit:.
  13. it's a quicktime movie

    got all loaded up and to the track just in time for them to close down :nonono:

    I was hoping the weather would hold off. It would have been sweet to get a bunch of runs in with practically nobody there. I even had my girl with me because she wanted to try. Oh well.

    I don't know if I will be able to get any more Wednesday nights in this year. I'm moving to Connecticut .
  14. found a new file hosting service www.filefarmer.com.

    here is an incar I posted before and the site I uploaded it to, locked everything up a week later, is this new link working?:in car 11.59 pass


    more to come.
  15. i need an 03/04 cobra
  16. god bless the svt exec who convinced ford to do the terminators. I went up saturday and waited through 3 track incidents. blown, completely shredded read end in an rx7. someone ran through the fence at the end and a blown motor. the snake was running strong, even in the heat 11.6's, 11.70 and the one run I messed up more than one shift 11.77. we were icing down, but it was 90, so in a last minute decision I hotlapped my 4th run at 3:27, well almost, i got the car to the line in 19min, 3:46 exactly, about what you have between late round elim's. I wanted to see and log how much time I would lose, when I know ahead I probably will get timing pulled. I only drained and refilled my HE reserviour with ice, toweled off my face and practically drove right up to the burnout box.

    going to the line my water was 180, instead of 172-178 it normally is with Tstat/fan changes. the IAT2 (downstream air charge temp) started at 128 instead of 100-110, so I only saw 22.5* timing at the top of third, instead of 23.8-24.0*.

    so what did it do, well for once I guess the driver couldn't even slow it down and it pulled my fat ass like the big Hoss it is to the fastest ET I have run in my very short ownership of this ford charity vehicle.

    WTF :hail2: :shrug: :eek: :eek:

    New Best ET 11.519/120.57 run at 4pm 90* 36%RH 30.23BP 1875 corrected elv

    so I guess I am the only reason this thing hasn't seen the bottom half of the 11's and I have no idea how much the heat slows it down.

    I will upload the movie, once I edit out my hooting and hollering..
  17. the laptop at home had no problem when it finally downloaded over dial-up, nice work!! I don't know about you but the movies from the stands and stuff are great, I luv them and can't get enough, keep'm coming!
  18. ok i lied. ill be there this wednesday in the hunt for a 12 :p
  19. :flag: :flag: :flag: :flag: :flag:

    Yeesss!!! anytime the balance can go away from the chebbies and mopars. :hail2:
    I always feel so outnumbered.

    I'm back on some weds, just need the practice so I don't embarrass myself on Sundays. could you download the movie I posted today, 3 posts above?
    just curious
  20. Yea vid worked with no problems for me :nice:

    Anyway, are you gonna be able to make it this wednesday? the weather is supposed to be awesome (hot but awesome)?