lebanon valley wednesday nite

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    :doh: :doh: :doh: :doh: :doh: :doh: :doh: :doh:

    I popped a [email protected], a new best ET for me last Sunday :banana:
    I want to see what I can do in some chilly air, I'll be there this week!
  2. nice. anyone else going this week. I'll be there
  3. I'll be there this week. Last for this year.
  4. clear, cool and fast. I'm leaving work early in a minute to get ready for a fast nite at the valley, see you guys out there!
  5. hopefully its this nice out next week with less cars... yeah right. I got a new best time though this week.... congrats on the 11.30
  6. trips on the treys!!

    yeah what a nice night, cool, clear, too many cars but some exotics and plenty of stangs, yup top shelf.
    :nice: :hail2: :owned: :) :p :rolleyes: :rlaugh: :D

    remember! ONLY 1 WEEK LEFT IN THE SEASON!!!

    each run for me was better than any run prior to weds night!?!?! :cheers:

    click here for time slips (image is too wide)

    I'm working on the videos, any of you guys have suggestions for the music, I spend more time on that, than actually doing them!?!?
  7. What did you run?
  8. my best was a [email protected] with a 2.106 60 ft.. I was happy with that hopefully i'll be able to hit a 14.2 this week :spot:
  9. what did you end up running? I think i remember seing your car there. that's cool you live in clifton park i'm in malta but i work at the enterprise in clifton park everyday. Are you heading down next week?
  10. best of the night was 14.036 @ 95.68. I ran under my dial and was tired of waiting so long between runs so I went home after third run. I won't be up again till spring.

  11. :stupid:

    No free time for me. Too much work. But i will return to the track with a very fast car :D
  12. here is the movie of my 3 11.3x's from last Weds, the snake is liking the cool air a lot, I hope the weather holds for this last Weds coming up! Be there or hold your piece for the winter!

    right click here and save trips on the treys the movie

    sunday I grabbed a pair of deuces, 11.21 and a 11.26 with my foot off the gas at the end to maintain only a fender lead, how fast will this sucker go??

    I also stuck my camera setup into someones Mach1, but he was struggling with street tires so it wasn't pretty when he got pulled by a diesel truck so for the sake of stangs everywhere, I won't be posting that one! LOL! :rlaugh:

    movies of the pair of deuces in a day or so!
  13. If it was the truck I think it was, I held my head low when I saw it run a low 14.
  14. Its been a good year, neat thread!

    I realized today, that I won't make it to the last night. :(

    the boss is taking a class in downtown Albany and by the time I extract her from the gridlock, I will be an hour late getting to the track and if it is as busy as it was last week, It will be just to darn frustrating waiting around for two runs.

    we need to start another one of these threads next year, without a doubt.

    I figured I would make up for it by going to Friday rentals 10/7 & 10/14 :cheers:

    when I get done with this year's trip to the tracks I am going to compile a DVD with all my best movies and I will mail it to anybody that sends me a postage paid padded mailer, the blank DVD costs about 40 cents so I can handle that. PM me in a month or so.
  15. I myself spent the day in Malboro MA today and planned on going untill last minute problems with a contractor installing my kitchen countertop :bang: , so my car is there right now, unfortunatly, i'm not, so i have to trust that my buddy B will treat it right. With my luck lately, he'll probly beat my best of 13.97.Hopefully someone will get it on video.

    We have a couple of saturdays left before winter, we should get a cruise together.
  16. Hey Stu, are you running this weekend? Bracket Bash? I'll be in nassau on Sunday picking up a car and figured i'd be almost there anyway, So I might go and watch.
  17. did you make it, here is one of the movies from that friday (10/21), I need to finish the stuff I filmed 10/21-28-29-30.

    But with the cool, dense potent air comes the 40-50 degree track. I might have slicks giving up the ghost after 150+ passes, but I wasn't the only one to have trouble finding traction in first, second and third. Setup cars were hopping and spinning and even bouncing off the walls and T-Boning eack other! The 10/21 rental was my best shot but the first two qual runs caught me of guard and even though I was working the gas pedal like a bum digging for cans, I didn't get a fair hook and go until my first elimination (third) run and I was so far ahead of the camaro I was racing I had to stand on the brakes hard so a potential 11.2 became a winning .38, oh well.

    here is the Gamblers (money) round one bracket race movie.
    10/21 NHRA Bracket racing
    I made up a new intro for my movies I would like to get some feedback about and the noises you hear first are from LIVE cobras, not a hiss like most people think, more like a smokers weezy growl. I also had to put a warning on the very end after I have discovered some of my prior movies on pay sites which is NOT my wish. I got all my help and advise for free, sharing these videos should also be totally free.

    I have to work on the other two in-car qual runs from 10/21 and then the best runs from 10/28-29-30 when I tried again but got even less traction out of the hole. The first couple runs on 10/28-29 were in the 11.3's spinning all the way through first and then the times went downhill after that, even less traction. The beast was trapping high MPH so after I baby-d it off the line it felt like a rocket in 3rd and 4th. My MAF counts and GTech logs showed the most HP ever, but no way to get it applied to the track, oh well, always next year!

    P.S. did you hear about the big 7 sec rail accident last Sunday, they sent us home with a free slip for next year after that after one T-Bone another at the finish line (150-160 MPH). I was there until 2:30 Sunday, only got one run and then had to swap the tires back! SOB!