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  1. another 11.3 in-car movie of my 04

    dial-up beware, music haters beware, I am trying to get caught up on the last of this years movies. I changed the intro a bit, any and all feedback is appreciated, haters have at it!
    LVD 10/21 11.33 Qual pass
  2. 04SNAKE DVD done w/last 2 movies

    Some guys acted interested so here is your chance to get all the best original movies of the 04snake, in the order they were filmed, with all the extras stripped off for nonstop, window rattling action. Some interesting facts to digest as I let you see inside my car as I try to not make a fool of myself:
    1.) I never have raced on any track, with any car before 4/28, the SVTOA rental at LVD
    2.) I only bought my Cobra in Dec 2004 and have no experience modding stangs
    3.) I have never owned a movie camera of any kind before this year
    4.) I have never edited anyone's home movies or videos before this summer

    So how did this all happen and why are they, in my opinion, as interesting as they turned out? because I am Joe Everybody and I proved if I can do it, anybody can, you just have to get off the couch! Actually I have no clue, myself and my close friends, we all just shake our heads, clueless???

    I finally managed to upload the last two flics from 10/29 to my cruddy file server service this morning, I thought you might have to get the DVD for these last ones but alas here they are (Dial-up Beware, Music Haters Beware!): ;)
    Oct 29 Test-n-Tune pass1 11.34
    Test-n-Tune pass2 11.38

    Guys that have downloaded them all can burn their own DVD or VCD and try them out on the big screen with the SurroundSound cranked, but if you are dial-up or don't have a DVD burner, here is your chance to get something you can play on your DVD player (in most cases, maybe not the oldest players). Just PM me your email address and I will use that to send you my Snail Mail address, you then can mail me a self addressed, posted ($.83 with a case/$.37 without) padded 5x9" or 6x10" mailer and you decide if to include a jewel case for protection or not and I will drop a "04SNAKE's Need for Speed Best of 2005" DVD in there and send it back. I have spent time trying to make my DVD +R's as compatible as possible, but the "-R's" are the most compatible so there may be some older DVD players these don't work on but PC's and newer players work great. This has surprising quality and works pretty good on BIG screens and the "LIVE" sound is much better than it should be for such a small camera. I hope my music selections don't deter from the overall enjoyment, you can't please everyone, that is a fact but out of a dozen testers 95% have rated the music as excellent, but that is a matter of taste.

    2005 is done, now I can concentrate on next year and turning my 11sec street car into a 10sec legal mostly strip car, that will still lurk on the street some Friday nights in upstate NY. Santa already bought a second mini-DV camera, on black Friday, for better two camera action next year but I need to get busy, lets see... ported blower, lower pulley, completely replace the fuel lines from the tank to rails, rewire the fuel pumps, custom tig welded Chrome moly cage, relocate the battery with shut-off, bigger chiller box, rewire LineLock to cruise control for brake launches, re-build the RAM clutch and get a loan on a trailer, simple right!!

    If you want to see what is on it, here are more samples
    clicky here for a search for some of my movies
  3. its only been a little over a month since my car has been off the road but im still going nuts not driving it:bang:

    In 2 months (mid april) or so i will start my new build. Im not going turbo anymore unfortunately, but it will still get up and go pretty well:D.

    Anyone else have updates on their projects?
  4. well i talked to the engine builder about mine if that counts for anything haha, he is going to take it apart and see if the crank is good if it is im going to go with a 306 to save costs but if not then i will have to save up for a 331 kit. but first i have to get the damn thing out of my car and some money!:crazy:
  5. Same basic set up for me. New gears as well as a couple of other little tricks.... mid 13s with stock heads and intake this year.

  6. WHY? What happened? I was looking foward to seeing it at the track in the spring!
  7. you will not believe what I have done to my car! Some people will say I ruined it, I think I have made myself a safe racecar.

    new plumbing, new meters, real drag suspension upgrades, cut, burned, drilled, boosted, ported, welded and then rebuilt better than ever. No more back seat, no more trunk space.

    I will be 100% SFI legal to 9.99, so how fast to you think the snake will be?

    might have a built 9" behind me this year, not sure, I have already dropped 6 large without spending a cent on a solid but I know I'm not bothering with a 8.8, whats the point messing with something I can bend like a noodle, I'll keep the IRS another year if I have to and carry spare axles. i haven't spent my tax return yet though!

    I have a trailer now

    and STILL street legal, sorta, it will be registered and inspected anyway.

    more cameras, better movies from all sorts of wild angles and no need for music to spice things up any more, just gunna let the snake speak for the both of us.

    make sure you stop by and get a 04snake T-shirt before I run out, I am going to make a dozen or so and when they are gone...

    I might even have some parts left over that you guys might like.
  8. A solid inch of dust everywhere, 3 weeks behind schedule, but I will forget about all that once I get it back, clean it up, finish the rest of this winters mods and I finally make it back to the track, a legal 10 sec car.
    These custom lightweight bars are through the floor and welded directly to the boxed subframe connectors. They are made to be flush to the roof panels, after the padding is added and will be hidden fairly well by the side window posts. the rear brace bars are made to fit the funny shaped spare tire well, which will be covered with an solid aluminimum panel attached with zeus clips that the battery box (and NO bottle) will be mounted to. I can now visualize what Frank wanted to do all along but I needed a few visual clues to imagine it completely. A lot more welding, top side plates and bending to go, but finally some momentum!
  9. more progress

    It is very tough for me to suffer the pace, not fast enough for me, I just want it to be done but am leaving the carpet out to rewire the fuel pump power supply, lay the nitrous wiring down so I can hook that up later in summer but this is all a neccesary evil so it can be done right, the first time. Still need the 5-point welded anchors, alum rear seat firewall, battery relocation wires, custom laptop/LM-1 mount that will perch over the passenger seat when I'm racing and pull two pins to remove when someone get's "the ride of their life"!

    The winter 2006 project is finally taking shape. :D

    Thanks go to Lou at Laurel Mt. Mustang for the great advice and parts and to Frank at F&R Body Shop (1-888-477-5717) for the craftsmanship to do things the correct way.


    you can see more details about the guy doing the work for me and my car in general at 04snake.com. feedback about my website or my car is much appreciated, email me through the webpage or post it here or PM me whatever works for you. :cheers:
  10. your car is going to be so fast! well it already is but i'll have to check it out sometime, I plan on going to lebanon valley as much as I can although with my new job im working mon-thurs-12:30-8:30 so i'll have to get some days off. :nice:
  11. Well maybe you haven't heard, the owner of LVD won a lawsuit against the town's sound ordnances that limited when he could run events at the track. He is going to start a Friday night Sreet showdown thing where guys can line up against each other, similar to what a few other tracks started to do. I guess it will be experimental at first, but it will probably be more popular than Weds. You won't see me there a lot, the prep, or lack there of and street tire rubber never got along with the slicks. I'm going to be racing all Sundays and most Saturdays. If you stop up I'll give to a pit crew T-shirt. Might be a while before i make it back up to Toga, lots of stuff to do on the car and everything is taking forever.
  12. SWEEET. that should be awesome. I will definately have to check that out sometime. I dont get why there is a sound ordinace, who lives up there anyway:p
  13. Track opens in just a couple of weeks!!!! Can't wait! Put the stang on the road Tuesday, Thats why it snowed, incase anyone wondered. Gears are almost broken in and I can tell already its gonna be a good year:D

    Anyone hang out at the lot at all? I havn't been down there in about 10 years, but I guess the guys are out already, weather permiting.
  14. i havent even started work on my car yet:(
  15. check out the F & R Dyno Day sticky thread

    Hey, you guys see my sticky thread for a Dyno Day Sat may 13th I'm organizing? cheap enough to do just to see where you are and some guys are doing the Sat T-n-T afterwards, PM me if you want more info, K.

    not sure how much cruzing I will be doing with my car, getting it inspected is going to be tougher and the last thing I want to do is get the guy doing it for me in trouble. The juice is going on mid summer, I'm laying the wiring in before I put the carpet back in.

    - stu
  16. Yea, I got your message Stu, just havn't figured out dates yet, I'll be getting back from vacation around that time. Let me know if you need help with the inspection:D
  17. kewl, LMK.
  18. The 1320.net is putting on an event on June 9 at the valley for anyone who is interested. Check it out.
    www.the1320.net Alot of work has been put into this to get it going and if there is a good turn out their hopeing to get a couple of more Fridays in as well.
  19. sooo tomorrow is the first wednesday of tnt. My motor is done, but i still have to do the clutch and gears:(. Its still off the road too. Hopefully it will be done be the middle of the month.
  20. Still spraying as well? sounds like a nice combo, what kind of numbers are you looking for. I'll be there tomorow as long as there is no rain.
    shooting for low 13's this year. stock heads and stock intake.......we'll have to see...