Electrical Led Bulbs & Sequential Tail Light Problems! Help!!!

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by 99 FLA PONY GT, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. Saturday I went to a shop in Brooklyn & had added blue LED strip of lights behind the stock honeycombe grille to work w/the foglight switch & it looks killer w/my HID head & fog lights I have from DDM Tuning out of California. I also ordered 6 red LED bulbs for the tail lights & 2 amber LED bulbs for the turn signals/parking lights up front. I have a fairly new Raxiom Sequential tail light kit that was working perfectly w/ugly stock round bulbs.
    I had the same shop install my LEDS & now there's a small couple annoying issues:
    I read that w/LEDs & sequentials you may need to add resistors in order to slow down the quick blinking action so you can see each bulb do it's sequential thing better. The shop added 1 resistor to each light bar so basically each LED bulb has a resistor, so the rear has 6 LEDs & 6 resistors. The resistors definitely did help slow the system down, not as slow as it was w/stock round bulbs, but I could live w/that since LEDs are nicer. The turn signals up front required 2 resistors each for a total of 4 resitors & 2 amber LED bulbs.
    Here's the annoying problems I now have w/my Raxiom Sequential tail lights that I didn't have before I made the switch to LED:
    A) When I hit the brakes, I lose the digital mileage# I have in my gauge cluster. As soon as I take my foot off the brake the mileage reappears as normal.
    B) When I turn on the lights, I lose my sequential effect & all three bars blink as one at the same time. With the lights off, the sequentials work fine.I obviously want the sequentials to work all the time regardless if the lights are on.
    Anyone know what the problems could be & how to correct?
    Anyone know of a very good auto electrical shop in Brooklyn that can fix my minor issues?
    Thanks in advance.