Electrical Led Lights?

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  1. Hey guys im new to this forum, i have a 95 mustang v6 its my DD
    I'm trying to replace some lights behind the odometer but frankly i have no idea how to take it out

    First Post !
  2. Pull the head light knob to "on".
    Rotate knob until you can see the cut out on the side.
    With pick, pull up on metal clip inside the cut out while pulling on the knob.

    Remove 2 t45(? Cant remeber the size off hand) Screws at the top of the cluster bezel.
    At edges, pull bezel to release the clips.

    Remove 4 t45(?) Around cluster.
    Pull cluster out enough to remove the two wire connectors at the rear top of the cluster, just press the tab down at the center of each wire connector.

    At the back of the cluster, there are a series of twist knobs.
    Those hold the cluster bulbs.
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  4. Thank you both so much :)
  5. Aren't LED's polarity specific? If they are and you have the bulb "reversed" they won't light up. I had that issue a couple of years ago.
  6. correct. they only light up one way. always test them before putting everything back together.
  7. Very good to know thank you both.. im going to be following that guide up there for the weekend >:)