Lee Iacocca Crafts his own "45th" Ford Mustang

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    For all the aftermarket flavors of the Ford Mustang, we feel this one is well-deserved. The proud papa of the Legendary pony car known as the Ford Mustang, Lee Iacocca, recently conjured up one to be his very own: the 2009 1/2 Iacocca 45th Anniversary Edition Ford Mustang. Designed by Michael Leone and constructed by the Gaffoglio Family Metalcrafters, this massaged Mustang features smoothed lines on the front and sides, and features a sloped roof that stretches all the way back to the end of the car. Inside, the car is well treated to what would otherwise be considered a designer or luxury treatment. Diamond Design stitched leather seats, a branded "I" leather steering wheel, Iacocca sill plates, and much more make this Mustang a real one-off gem.

  2. Who's your daddy.... that's what the Mustang had been missing out on for a while. I'm glad to see the car finally have some sort of relation with its original inceptor.
  3. Overall it is a good design, but from a certain angle the fastback reminds me a little of the Chrysler Crossfire.
  4. fastback fail. :notnice: just doesn't look right. the flat rear looks generic. Ioccoca doesn't have a ring to it like Shelby. supercharger only adds 80hp.

    there is a reason they are only making 45, they can't sell many more than that.
  5. I would rock that fo sho!
  6. Man is it just me or the back end looks Bentley?
  7. another mustang that ford will make that the average person cant afford and the dealers will add $30,000 mark up to.
  8. You nailed it dude! I couldn't place why it looked familiar, now I know.

    Looks good from the front and sides, but I don't like the back.
  9. It needs a spoiler and looks depressed.