Left or Right?

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  1. I'm in Oz, as you al probably know, and if a car is 30+ years old, it can stay LHD. I can't decide whether to convert it to RHD, which would be safer, easier to see out of, feel better (holding a gearstick in my right hand feels goonky). On the other hand, it may be cheaper and easier to get parts if it isn't converted, also it stays more original, and doesn't get chopped up, which saves money as well. Also, having it LHD would be kind of unique, and most likely shock police into forgetting what they pulled me over for.

    Anyways, what does everyone think?
  2. best to make the car safe to drive. convert to right hand drive you will get used to the shifter.
  3. ah that would feel right for me. Having it LHD would feel wierd.
  4. wouldnt most of the stangs you find over there in backwards-land be RHD already? werent all the ones that were shipped there RHD? i dont know how many there are though.
  5. hmmmm...what would mad max do?????...lol...couldn't resist...
  6. Well all the ones that were shipped here new are accounted for, but stangs get imported here constantly.
  7. I think you should just petition the government to encourage driving on the correct side of the road just like most of the civilized world (cept for those crazy brits and japanese). I was riding in a Skyline last year (RHD) and i was the passenger freaking out the other drivers by shouting "i lost my steering wheel please help' or just staring at the passenger at the other car while we were driving. Surprisingly it took the other car a while to notice the steering wheel was on the opposite side of the car, and until they noticed, they usually had this crazed/worried look on their face :D
  8. Phhh I dunno, sounds like a lot of effort :p Anyways, I doubt it will happen, I mean making a whole city or country drive on the opposite side one day wouldn't work too well. There'd be people who didn't get the message, and some that forget, plus don't forget all the cars already RHD. Anyways, I know you had to be joking (I sure hope you were lol).

    Visibility on a 69 sportsroof isn't very good is it?, so I think that having LHD and bad visibility wouldn't be safe.