Lego Aircraft carrier

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  1. OMG, it even has F-14's and F-18's on it!:hail2:
    "Made by Malle Hawking (Weebleleezer). It is about 5m long, 1,40m wide and the height is about 1,20m. It contains over 200,000 Bricks and weighs over 160 Kilos and a five digit amount of costs. Building time was over one year and it will finish end of March 06. It has electrical lights on deck, hangar and aircrafts. Moveable Elevators and radar dishes and finally a motorized catapult! Url "

    MOTORIZED CATAPULTS!! INSANE!!! AHHHH...5 digits to offense i mean thats awesome but who the hell spends 10gs on legos!
  3. Exactly what I was thinking.
  4. I figure that he had to buy the mix boxes of legos and pick out the grey ones to get the price that high
  5. I thought I built impressive stuff. Everything I made could fit on one end of the deck.

    How do you move something that heavy? You'd need like 3 guys to pick it up.
  6. :lol: :lol: thats what i was thinking. Selling out Toy-R-Us and seeing some little kid cry his eyes out b/c some 25 year old is pushing a pallet full of them onto his truck. :rlaugh:
  7. haha I used to build the little lego things when I was a kid, thats badass.
  8. if he bought the mixed boxes and picked out all the gray ones that woulda been such a pain! i woulda just sprayed painted the whole damn thing myself when i was finished building it!! or dumped a load of em into a bucked of paint or somethin! very cool though!!!
  9. Lego LA anyone?


    Volvo went nuts...
  10. If that thing floats you could rig up a remote with a servo motored rutter and a drive motor and cruise it around a pond. Rig up a missle bay and fire some firecrackers... that would be awesome