Expired Lentech Aod Strip Terminator W Brake Fits Sbf

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  1. Proven to 1500 h.p. / 1000+ lb/ft
    Overview: The Strip Terminator transmission is recommended for aggressive street setups or race applications. Thanks to the patented Rev/3rd technology, torque capacity is greatly increased in this transmission through the application of both the 3-4 and reverse clutch assemblies in third gear (typically the weak link in most automatics). Overdrive however is always limited to 550lb/ft. The Strip Terminator also incorporates Lentech's exclusive Stage 2, 26 spline 3-4 clutch cylinder and larger input shaft. Operation of the optional transbrake is only possible in manual first position and should be used for no longer than 5 seconds. Usage of this transmission is the same as for a non-lock Street Terminator.Because of fixed line pressure, installation of auxiliary transmission oil coolers are necessary with as large a capacity as space allows.
    .Quality selected core, completely stripped, all major components washed and inspected for excessive wear
    .Pump modified for better lube and cooler flow
    .Clutch cylinders modified for extra clutches
    .31 modifications in strategic areas for efficient clutch operation and life
    .7 or 8 "high energy" 3-4 clutches
    .4 redlined intermediate clutches
    .5 or 6 "high energy" forward clutches
    .4 or 5 "high energy" reverse/direct clutches
    .New 2" wide O/D band
    .New mechanical diode intermediate one-way clutch and spiral lock assembly
    .New reverse drum for 2" wide band
    .New reverse drum shell and sungear
    .All new seals, gaskets, and filter
    .Lentech 1,2,3/4 Valve Body with patented Rev/3rd and electric O/D delete
    .Re-assembled with all critical clearances adjusted for high performance/racing use
    .Billet 1-piece input shaft and Stage 2, 26 spline 3-4 clutch cylinder ( a Lentech EXCLUSIVE!)
    .Cast gray finish

    Asking 3500
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  5. Located in Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403
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