Lentech Street Terminator AOD

Discussion in 'Drivetrain Parts' started by WildWillDavis, Mar 19, 2012.

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  1. Lentech ST AOD. Non lockup 10". Electric O/D defeat. All options less RMVB.

    Virtually new. Less than 2 miles on the street, no track time. Ready to go.

    Location: Iowa


  2. Post up more pics.
  3. IMAG0226.jpg

    I will also toss in the tv cable, a cooler (B&M IIRC, 6x11"), the new tube and stick as well as an Autometer 3351 Sport-Comp 2 1/16" trans temp gauge.
  4. IMAG0230.jpg

    Cooler pic, temp gauge pic and a Scat flexplate.

    Here's the deal: I converted a Volvo wagon to SBF/AOD. I literally drove it drove it twice! It's maiden voyage was to Fastenal which is within a half mile. The second trip was to Fastenal again for a tap. The car sat the winter in my garage and I've since decided to go a different direction.

    Need a reference? Ask the penguin smacker.
  5. The flexplate is new. It was only used to balance a rotator. It is NOT in the engine trans assembly pictured. I am keeping the one mounted to the engine.
  6. I can attest for the parts. It's a good deal if you need an AOD, Cooler, Plate and Gauge. It's pretty much brand new.
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