Let’s Talk About Toolboxes And Garages..

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  1. ok. So I’ve decided it’s time to move out of my old wooden desk with a small 2 drawer tool box and finally get something bigger. I’m looking at a medium sized 11 drawer rolling tool box. I’ll
    Also need to pick up some kinda storage for the extra odds and ends I kept in the desk. Not looking at the 2-3k set ups, this is just a home garage.

    What does your home tool box and storage setup look like?
  2. I have the 44" harbor freight box. I love it, no regerts.
  3. This one?

    I’ve been eying that one and the 30” cart style.

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  4. Yes, that exactly. I love it. I could stand to expand into the top box they sell too, but it's not a priority. The drawers slide easy and dont feel flimsy at all. Keep an eye on the sale pages, they lower them down every so often
  5. You have either of the side carts? I’m looking at maybe getting the side cabinet to go with. That should cover all my bases.
  6. No, if I did anything, it would be an upper box. But havent got around to it yet.
  7. i have a 48" dewalt and a smaller HF unit... i have a feeling after my next MAC order i'll be outgrowing that set up.

    i really need a larger garage
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  8. I need a bigger garage in general...with a lift. Next house.

    Since I don't keep my tools in the garage, I keep them grouped by type in different portable toolboxes. I have a workshop room in my finished basement so they are kept on a shelf.
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  9. wife and i made a deal when i took the new job... finish the car and any money made over what i was making at SBD would go towards the car. once its together and running that we would start looking for a farm. i couldn't care less about the house, the fields, the barns. just give me a nicely sized shop that i can keep my car/cars in and have room to work, so like 50x60 should work LOL
  10. 9F24589B-C9E6-40E8-8D1D-3B5B56411BCE.jpeg I need a new tool box myself . Still working out of the first one I ever got .
  11. Since we were talking garage too here’s my little home shop .
    These were taken like 3 days into me living there . The next weekend I had did a blower swap on my buddies Shelby and managed to get both cars in so mine was sitting out at night .

    A8A8DAEA-7A58-4929-B5DC-FD738C88AD35.jpeg D715E19F-3F24-4DA6-8943-3E4617251CDF.jpeg C7CEAF96-6CAE-4920-9B06-05320A19DA19.jpeg C5470A51-9E78-46CF-9874-B33083C5480F.jpeg 59D0665D-84E9-4ACD-A2B8-15A56106C88D.jpeg CE8E396A-A6A2-4A3C-950F-1FCDD93A0F9F.jpeg
  12. I made a similar deal with wife for retirement home after the kids grow up in 20 years or so. Up here in the northeast, you'd be amazed at what $500k gets you. I don't mean that as a humble brag, but rather to say it doesn't get you much compared to other parts of the country.

    I told the wife a relocation to a cheaper COL area where I can finally get my nice garage/barn is something I'd really like to do.
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  13. Welcome to middle Georgia, you won't miss the snow...house prices are low; 150 K will buy you twice the house and land that you have up north.

    All your neighbors will call you Mr. Mike out of respect for your advanced age. All the people who have no respect, will call you a [email protected]@!$#@$# Yankee...
  14. I've been to Ga. many times, love it there, I'd live there in minute, I'd have to kill 'the girl' first though, not gonna happen, got it too good right now
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  15. Georgia is a great place to live. Go north to the mountains, South to the flat lands, east to the ocean, South East to the swamp, or 45 minutes away if you want the big city (pass).

    I would love to live out west too, or at least visit 1st. 160k buys 2000+ square feet, 2 car garage on an acre in a nice neighborhood with lit side walks. 500k will buy you a small mansion, or my house on 60 or so acres.
  16. I'm glad you like it, I'm not a fan. Been living here for 12 years now. The weather is nice, but I could pass on the traffic. I hate to say it, but when the in-laws pass away, I think I would like to move to Detroit.

    I am pretty lucky when it comes to work space and tools. The house came with a very large attached 2 car garage, and another 2 car 512 cubic foot shop out back. The shop has some of the basics. Mainly it was prewired with 240 volts, so I have compressed air, heating and cooling, enough power to run a welder and a plasma cutter. My inlaws bought me a Craftsman rollerball toolbox for a wedding present. It still works like new 8 years old. I can't say I work on cars anywhere near as much as I used to though.

  17. I've got a harbor freight special too. Outta been holding up for 7 years. No issues at all. The first year I used it at work in a very busy shop.

    The only thing I did was add drawer lining between the top and bottom boxes.

    This thing has been perfect...the box be side it is an old craftsman tool box. Had that one for 20yrs and, boy, is that thing sketchy o_O...


  18. I have a 3 car garage, previous owner converted the one car to a heated and cooled workshop. Living out here in Albuquerque is nice. Perfect weather most of the time, inexpensive, great food, mountains In the backyard and lakes not too far away. I wish we had more “big city” stuff though. 5500’ elevation. Two craftsman toolboxes in my garage. The red one is one I bought for my grandpa in 1990 as a birthday present. I bought the gray one for myself 10 years ago or so. I would like a single larger one but they work for me just fine. 20 gallon air compressor, could use a bigger one for sure! Don’t mind the mess!! 108E8BD0-B6D4-4C93-80C7-F5F38673421C.jpeg
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  19. I have this Kobalt box which will be too small once all my tools are consolidated into the new garage. It’s perfect to roll into the trailer with the bike when I go to the track though. I also have a 25 year old craftsman box(also sketchy). I’ll be in the market for something larger and permanent for the garage this year. F92E8FD5-8E6A-4C20-AB28-D378AF9B17A3.jpeg
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  20. Mine is very similar to TOOLOW's. I plan on moving soon and hopefully I'll upgrade both garage square footage and tool storage.