Let's get a discussion on what is a better means to show potential: Dyno or Track?

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  1. I'll start off by stating my opinion. I think the dyno is a better means of showing potential of horsepower/torque gained by a mod rather than the track. There are less variables.

    With the dyno, parameters are entered into the computer. You do not have to worry about driver skill/track prep/humidity levels as much.

    At the track when a mod is performed, how can you possibly shift at the exact rpm or at the exact speed and launch the exact same, or have the exact same track prep to see what you gained with a mod? I think the dyno cancels out a lot of those indescrepancies...what do you guys think?

    On a dyno, (with a manual), you stick in 4th gear after it has been strapped down and hit the throttle till a given rpm. You then see a breakdown of the graph and a/f ratio/etc.

    Let's here what everyone thinks that shows the potential of the car? Trap speed...

    I am bias on this...:p
  2. I imagine the track is the final say in anything. Dyno is just a number really. Of course, if you're an inconsistant driver like myself, the dyno is rather nice.
  3. Oh I know, but I'm talking about potential, not in who turns the faster times. Driver plays a big factor in that.

    I'm not talking about which one ticks off a quicker E.T./mph because driver plays a big factor in that.

    I have beat zo6's before (due to bad drivers) but if you look at what they have/can do and what they dyno and weigh in at you see that they could easily walk me hard. The dyno shows this, but at the track with a bad driver it does not.

    Then you get people saying "I beat a zo6 or viper" and they think they are faster. Just a thought...

    Thanks for the response...
  4. potential in which way?

    if I were to run on the street with somebody and wanted to know how I would do.. I'd be more interested in there trapspeed then anything to know the potential of somebodys car.
  5. I'm guessing Potential to be fast, which would be shown at the track. I think the dyno is where you can see the potential of the car, then at the track is where the driver applies the potential.

    So, I guess that in terms of potential of the engine, the dyno is the place for that to be shown.
  6. The only thing I don't like about dyno numbers are the fact there is no set standard. You have mustang dynos, dynojets, SAE readings. All these numbers can be so different for the same car. It's nice to be able to tell people that your car has 500 hp to the wheels, but when you take that car to the track and find out that you can only drive it into the 12's, that 500 hp doesn't seem all too impressive anymore.

    A dyno tells how well the engine performs, while the track tells how well the driver, suspension, tires, and the car as a whole can perform together.

    In the end :Track:
  7. Yep, trap speed shows potential in reference to the track.

    I like this quote: "I think the dyno is where you can see the potential of the car, then at the track is where the driver applies the potential."

    I just don't see where I see people saying I gained 2mph from this particular mod. Think of how many variables there are to control:shrug:
  8. The dyno shows what the power and torque is, the true potential of a combo relys on all the factors you mention, driver, prep, weather, etc... No matter how much power a car has, if the driver sucks and the car hates hot weather, you migth beat that car every time...

    If we are talking merely on potential under the right situation, then a dyno is probably a better indicator, but if you want to know about potential of a driver, and his car, then the track holds the true story!
  9. well i have to agree with both sides of this.. track.. can show what a driver can do in a certain car.. yet a dyno.. can show what a car is capable of.. i mean if you have a 650rwhp mustang.. and you turn a 13.8 thats just sad.. but if you have 350rwhp and your turning 11.98s that aight bad..
  10. That is why I stated potential of the car shows more on the dyno. I have seen some cars that should have ran much quicker than they did. Although they dyno the "same". That leads me to believe the dyno is a better teller of what a car is capable of. Not what the driver is capable of.
  11. THE TRACK.
    Who cares if you car has a billion horsepower if you cant use it? The track is where its at IMO. It shows you what your car and YOU as the driver has and it takes SKILLS. The dyno is just numbers. Plus you can talk trash all day but when it comes to goin to the track, it shows who can back up their trash talk :)
  12. i agree!!
  13. I'm talking about the car. Not the car and driver. Some say "that car isn't fast" because the driver isn't up to par. Is that fair? The dyno shows the potential IMO.
  14. The dyno show the potential of the car ONLY.
    The track shows the potential of the car and the driver. People that have fast cars and cant drive them sould be punched in the stomach over and over, UNLESS their practicing really hard to get better haha
    Whats the point of having a fast car if you dont have the skills to drive it, Thats a waist
  15. i totally agree.. like many of my customers.. are younger kids.. just learning how to drive.. and mommy and daddy buy them a 03 cobra.. they dump a bunch of money into it.. and they run 13.28s with 500rwhp.. that is just sad.. then on the way home from the track they decide it will be cool to go race down the 91 freeway and wreck the car into the center divider at 90.. stupid kids..
  16. Yep, the dyno shows the potential of the car and gains from a mod. This was the point I was trying to make in my thread.

    I never said "take car A and car B with driver A and driver B. Car A has more power than car B but same setup (gears/suspension/etc). Now who will win?" Well the answer might not be shown at the track even though the dyno would show which car is faster. Due to their being a driver A and a driver B, that can vary the outcome when in fact car A is faster.

    I was talking car alone and if a mod is done to the car and there is a gain or loss...would not the dyno be a better place to know if the gain is actually present due to the lack of different variables. That is what I'm saying.

    I'm not talking about racing two different cars.

    Oh, and just because one can't drive "dragstrip" style doesn't mean they can't buy a nice car that they have fun in? Right?
  17. The dyno shows the potential of the MOTOr, NOT the car, as a car on road course suspension , and 18" radials, doesnt have the same as a car on drag suspension and slicks!

    I agree that a dyno shows what a car can do under the right scenario, but its also not a bragging tool so much as a tool to get an idea of where the car should be at the track, or what power the last mod added!

    Needless to say when people brag about dyno numbers, I tend to shut them out, as I have seen cars dyno 350 rwhp, and run high 10s!
  18. Right, I didn't use the correct words there. Yep, the engine, but it is on a chassis dyno so it isn't just the engine or it would be much higher numbers because of lack of accessories and drivetrain loss. So I said car since I was talking about (assumed) a chassis dyno.

    Oh, I know it isn't a bragging tool. I hate that:bang: I was talking about a tool to see a gain from a mod rather than using the track for that. Seems like my point got twisted.

    Weight/gearing/powerband/driver are huge in that respect. Especially weight on that one.

    By the way Brian, what do you trap in the 1/8th mile?
  19. Dyno's are a tool for tuning, dialing in your a/f/timing curve and figuring out shift points. Not all dyno's read the same, some higher and some lower. They do give you an idea what the car could run but they don't take weight, driver, proper gearing and traction into consideration.

    The track is just flat out fun and cheaper :) If a driver is on point and consistent they can tell easily if a mod/change helped or hurt their performance.
  20. hey stangateurlilSS... r u talking about the riverside fwy in california? if so im right up the 15. if not, well then nevermind haha

    its nice to have dyno numbers to show what you've put into your car, but for every mod you drop in, you should drop by the track a couple times to hone your skills, so you're not wasting your money on graphs alone