Roush Lets Go Roushers, Get Your Pics Up!!

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by TJ4Cam, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. Lets show 'em what we got...2003 Jack Roush Classic, the one and only Zinc Yellow car built its #34. It has the S3 suspension!! :nice:

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  2. hey...

    Didn't want you to feel alone... nice R' BTW :nice:

    this one is my fav. Vin

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  3. 2005 Roush

    My 2005 Roush!

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  4. Very Nice!!! Love the '05's...where is everybody else???
  5. We must be the only two that own one, LOL. I have had some trouble with Roush warranty work...we won't mention the time it took to actually get the car!! You have any problems?

    I was thinking of upgrading as Stage 2 & 3 became available, but am considering now just doing the upgrades independently.
  6. Erbodys @ :hail2:

    Whas Up TJ... :cheers:
  7. Thats true, for Roushers you must spend your time at Fnsweet! It would be cool to have more Roush here though.

    Good to see you Rvlyssup! :cheers:
  8. Heck, I'm bored so why not.....

  9. On my way to check it out :)
  10. Taken at Pikes Peak International Raceway in Fountain Colorado.

    SVTOA Open Track Event 6/04

  11. Looking good and at home!!!!
  12. pics of my 04 roush stage 1

    here is a pic of my stage 1 04 roush

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  13. And your stage 2 wasn't blown from wtf is your point! :lol:
  14. I posted this in the '05+ pictures thread, but didn't see the Roush forum!

    Here it is...

    My Stage 1 (#05-1401)


  15. [​IMG]


    Just picked her up today. Traded in the wifes focus for her.
  16. nice stang BLWNROUSH76 i like your speaker set up
  17. Im next....

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