Roush Lets Go Roushers, Get Your Pics Up!!

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by TJ4Cam, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. here is mine

  2. 2001 stage 3 vert...

    He ya go....

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  3. [​IMG]

    I am going to put in a vortech s/c in soon. It just seems like paying all that money for a roush s/c with less hp doesn't make sense. What do ya'll think?
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  5. Here's our new pony, bought it and drove it home from Vegas after the Roush signing at Friendly Ford.

  6. Here the Roush
    380Rwhp 410RwTq
    Saleen Series 4 Supercharger
    Steeda X-pipe
    Hooker Long Tubes
    Steeda Air intake
    Alternative Performance chip
    Too much other stuff to list.
  7. Nice looking car! Just out of curiosity what made you go with the Saleen supercharger??
  8. Greetings fellow Roushers :D Just joined the Stangnet, been lurking off and on. Picked up our 06 Roush Monday. It's just the base Roush, it's the wifes car and 300 horses are more than enough for her. Here's the latest addition..

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  9. I know that this is a pic forum, BUT..... will the stage 3 lower intake work on a Saleen II blower?
  10. Here is my 2007 Roush Stage 3 with Cervini hood and louvers.