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  1. Ok the clutch is in. I haven't made a test run or break-in yet but it went back together smoothly.
    At some point this coming thursday I will be making the 70th pass this year.
    I'm going to go for broke(safely lol) and see what it is really capable of.

    Planned Changes: Feel free to stop me or add things.
    1-volvo cooler
    2-remove seats
    3-remove exhaust.....it will be Stinger's DP and a turndown out of the car.
    4-skinnier front tires pumped up to 50psi
    5-sway bar unhooked(if I get to it)
    6-drag launch air-bag in the pass side with 20psi.
    7-aluminum driveshaft(if I can find one)
    8-some nitrous, if I can get everything for my kit to spray an EFI car.
    9-if I get motivated I'll hook up my home-made 2-step ignition and try that out too.

    My best so far is 8.966 @75.92 in the 1/8th. I'm hoping with numbers 1,2,3, & 4, to drop a tenth or 2 of a second. Also 5 & 6 may cut down on the 60ft a little. I still haven't found the fogger nozzle and lines that I need yet but I have a few days.

    I guess my main goal is to break the 8.3 mark, which based on the conversion tables that would put me at very high 12's in the 1/4 mile. My ultimate goal is to break past 7.99, which would put it at mid 12's in the 1/4. lol I don't see that being possible unless I spray it hard and I get alot out of what I spray it.
    Basic calculators say 2750lbs would take 280hp. Um...:nonono:
    Currently time says 2851lbs takes 210hp. Very basic but I guess I could pick up an honest 70 hp with the above and a 75hp shot.
  2. what is the specs for your car?
  3. yeah that cooler looks good but I would be much for me. I'm looking for cheap and I don't have nearly that much in the engine of this car.
  4. Are you gonna break your clutch in for 500 miles before you hit the track?

  5. Perhaps we shouldnt use the "break" word ? ;) just a thought
  6. I'll put a few miles of it yeah. Oddly enough this last cltuch is the one that I did an entire break-in for and it broke. The clutch that I used when I ran the hybrid I drove about 50 miles and then the punishment started and that clutch is still ok. :shrug:
  7. its an 88 mustang coupe 2.3 turbo 5spd. stock trans, 3.73 tracloc 7.5 rear.
    Engine is very basic. Bone stock untouched engine complete from oil pan to the stock t-body and up until now I've used the turbocoupe intercooler. No Port work has been done at all. Stock .60 T3 turbo

    I have Stinger's 3" Down pipe and center section with a borla XR-1 round track muffler and out a MAC 3" tail pipe. Also have Racer walsh aluminum underdrive pulleys.

    Ric gillis at 18psi, LA3 computer, 14* timing. Knock sensor disconnected. I did a motor mount mod so when I go to the track I can tighten them down to a solid mount. Kirban Fuel pressure regulator, 35 lbs injectors, Walbro 255 high press. pump.
    I also run a 26-10.5-15 ET street at 15psi. I might drop that back some this week too.

    Best times to date:
    R/T: .507
    60': 1.953
    330: 5.724
    1/8th: 8.966
    MPH: 75.96
  8. ok I may have rounded up my nitrous stuff tonight. I have a 50, 75, 90 and 100 shot jets.
  9. remember to rev it up in neutral and spray, give it a nice "break in" ;)

    ps:newb's....dont try this
  10. I was reading in the archives on TF about a guy that was spraying just a little before he was taking off....that sounds scary. I'm setting my WOT switch so I have to have the pedal jambed into the floor for it to click on. That way I can wait to spray it after the clutch is all the way out.:D
  11. whats your best ET?
  12. ok nitrous stuff on the way.....ouch it hurts.
  13. the driveshaft is a good idea, i just installed one on my car (i can post pics if you want for comparison purposes) Now obviously i am not Turboed yet but there is a noticable difference with the alum shaft. Feels like it leaves the line faster. the stocker easliy weighs twice what the alum one does. Highly reccomended mod. Cut down on vibrations too.

  14. volvo cooler is completely done.
    sway bar unhooked. I definately want to do the airbag now because even on a streeet tire the car tries to roll some to the pass side.

    I'm going to go change wheels and start pulling the nitrous stuff off my black car, so most of it will be done when the nozzle parts get here.

    Im going to talk to the guy about the driveshaft tonight.

    I changed to a 195/70/r14 front tire, can't tell much from that but I figure it can't hurt.

    The air bag is in and it seems to launch a little straighter and it doesn't even have air in it yet.
  15. couldn't get the driveshaft...He said yes, but it had a "clunk" so I said no.
  16. #7 better have some pictures with it of all this that you are doing.
  17. yeah I'll leave that up to you.
    Actually I was thinking about the last time I ran the car without exhaust was before I had the 3" DP. It still sounded like a combination of an old 8-N Ford tractor and a fine Boeing jet.
  18. ok not in the clear yet. My nitrous stuff just came. They sent 2 wrong adaptors so I'm short 2 that I need.