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  1. bottle filled I still have to go mount it and the solenoids and do a little wiring.
    Pull the exhaust and put the slicks on.
    The guy couldn't get the 100hp shot today so he got about a 105 shot instead.
  2. I had a very interesting night tonight. My best run and my worst run were only .173 seconds apart. Kiddiccarus was with his family.(Came all the way from Kentucky just to see what happened at the end of the end.) :p
    I didn't get to spray it, because after I killed myself to get it all hooked up, my nitrous solenoid bit the dust. I didn't get motivated to take the exhaust off.

    The 7.5" rear was acting really weird. When I would get set and start spinning in first to heat the tires only the pass side would spin. I hit second and then only the driver's side would spin. Bring up the boost and rpms and both would start spinning. Time for a simple rebuild.

    The clutch that now has 182 miles on it needs to come back out. The more I turned up the boost, the more it slipped when shifting and yet it ran the same times.

    The car however was making plenty of power and pulled hard to the end. After watching the video about 600 times now the car looks way faster than it really is. The front end comes waaaay up without the swaybar. Looked like my black car taking off. Everytime I go back, I pick up MPH. I went 76 this week.

    On the last run I got the bright idea that I was at least going to try race this guy from my town. You would have to meet this guy to understand how big of an idiot his is and everyone thinks he has the fastest car in town. Well I pulled him 1 car off the line and thats where we stayed until the end. Everybody from our town was there and gave him crap about it. After I loaded the car on the trailor he came up to me and wanted to fight. I kept making him mad because I couldn't stop laughing. My buddy made this comment and I wasn't offened at all and now its words to live by "JASON!! Calm down, don't be mad because you just got outrun by junk. Really, everything is from the junk yard" :rlaugh:
    Anyway....Only made 7 runs tonight and I'm up to 67 now.
    R/T: .693
    60': 2.074
    330': 6.001
    1/8: 9.347
    MPH: 74.10

    R/T: .601
    60': 2.003
    330': 5.918
    1/8: 9.268
    MPH: 73.79

    R/T: .643
    60': 2.058
    330': 5.980
    1/8: 9.315
    MPH: 74.20

    R/T: .562
    60': 2.017
    330': 5.941
    1/8: 9.286
    MPH: 74.03

    R/T: .696
    60': 2.093
    330': 6.027
    1/8: 9.383
    MPH: 73.97

    R/T: .660
    60': 2.098
    330': 6.009
    1/8: 9.262
    MPH: 76.07

    R/T: .577
    60': 2.048
    330': 5.938
    1/8: 9.210
    MPH: 75.94

    No quicker but the run that was 76MPH felt faster than the 8.96. Just the damn clutch melted down in second and third.
  3. haha, should have broken in the clutch like they said.
  4. The part number on that clutch was different than the one I had original but I figured I would try it. No problems here. I'll get another.

    as woodster put I did "break" it in.
  5. HEHE, im sooo proud! :)
  6. I can Verify all of that I just got back to my sisters house from the track. This douche bagcant take getting beat by a 4 cyl, I cant even imagine how he reacts to his on hand after masterbating. What a tool when I ot there he was acting like a total moron looking to fight just to save face.

    My niece was in between this Dork and Matt. I was just waiting for him to do something stupid there. Really fight over a race how immature is that.
  7. BTW I got some great pics and video of a turbo pinto that was there. I will sort through the pictures tomorow night and post some. I am going to bed. 2 am Matt just like I said.
  8. I also had a problem I've never ever run into.
    I wore these great big boots tonight and on the 2nd as I let out on the clutch my foot got hung up on the bottom of the dash. So I went a little ways through first and the clutch wasn't let out all the way. My right foot knew what to do though......TO THE FLOOR! I didn't use the clutch at all to hit 2nd....it didn't like that at all and it slipped bad when I did that.
  9. yeah defiantely 2AM good call...thanks for coming up.
  10. I found an action shot that I plan to post tonight it has some smoke in it also and gives a good view of the tires spinning on the burnout and some Curley haired guy driving his Gf's car.
  11. Matt, that's cool stuff I wanna see the pics.

    I wish I could get in the 8's. 76.53 is what my svo did last time around, so you are about to beat my mph as well - BUT I've got some things in the hopper! - BUT I don't think I can compete once you spray. LOL.

    I'll have to take the LX soon, been to chicken I'll break it w/ the money dumped in it. I'm running a 75 shot & 22 psi with it right now.

    Keep it up man and somebody put up the pics and video.
  12. I just delivered a video to the local parts stores and when I left everybody had that last race qued up. We decided its about time to stop racing the little green car. The 351 will be back out shortly.

    140. with a clutch the car felt like it might have gone about 77-78. My svo wouldn't runs(only ran it one day) Maybe I can outrun the svo but the lx still scares me.
  13. um....that must have been someone else because that 4cyl won't spin the tires.
  14. I'm pissed I missed you guys. Turns out I was informed at the last minute I had to pick up my grandmother at Dulles Airport because she's visiting for a few days. :mad: Oh well, at least I didn't miss a record breaking run. Looking foreward to the video though. :nice:

    Oh and were you there last thursday on july 1st? Belvedere boy had his car there and he ran a best of 9 flat. :D He says there is a problem with the rear end though and it spins through third gear. The red headed guy with the red SRT-4 also did a best of 9.3 at 76 mph.
  15. you and your gf are pretty damn cool :D
  16. We really wanted to spray it, but maybe next week. Record "breaking" runs to come.

    Belvedere ran mid 9's and slowly shaved time off. I have the video of him racing the SRT-4 and he redlighted, ran 9.5 and the SRT ran 9.4. So he didn't pull it by much. If you ever hear someone say they spun through 3rd on the track....Call BS because for me 3rd is to the end of the track.
  17. Hey speaking of that, and I agree w/ you about spinning in third on a track surface.... but at the SVO reunion last year there was an SVO sat up for turns dynoing 535 hp/totally gutted, that did light them up repeatedly down the quarter. He went sideway's about 3 times for long lengths of the quarter and it was awesome to watch, and still w/ a highly respectable 12 sumpin.

    Third is all I need for the 1/8th, & Cro was hitting 4th just before the end w/ his 4.10's.
  18. I dunno, that's just what he told me when I saw him at Sheetz, so he was probably BSing me. :p

    That old Belvedere is LOUD though. Sounds really good for a 383. (He was talking to me about buying a stroker kit for it in the near future :eek: )
  19. 140: yeah its definately possible and I've seen it too. Usually the guys that talk about spinning all the way up the track run 9's and 10's in the 1/8th. A car that runs 9's doesn't make enough power to spin the tires that far.

    notched86: :rlaugh: tell him since he's not getting any traction adding more cubes and some more power might help with that.
  20. hey rich....Jason(orange mustang) called my today and apalogized for quote "being an idiot" he said he wasn't exactly sure why happened.:D

    Are you able to post any pics you have from the evening???