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  1. Why not get some slicks? or atleast some darg radials or cheater slicks?

  2. hey randy, first time I've seen you here.
    After I talked to this boy I figured that out. I don't think his mom would let him :p

    what did you ever do with the white coupe? How much time did you spray off of that one?
  3. Ended up sellin gthe coupe as a roller to a buddy. It should be back in the road next year sometime with a pretty stout 306 in it.

    Once I got the car running decent I took the bottle off, but a 50 shot normally took around 5-7 tenths off in the 1/4. Never sprayed it in the 1/8th.
    I hope to have the kit back on the rx7 in the next few weeks and make it to a 1/4 mie track..should be fun :)

    I had it hooked to a wide open throttle switch and would just matt it once I got it out of the hole a few few.
    Slicks and a two-step make these little motors a whole lot more fun.

  4. I am glad that he came to his senses, there is no need for someone t get mad like that at someone else for losing to a car that has half the cylinders that he has, but it was damn funny.
  5. Randy: Can I use a 2step with the stock ignition...The only box I have is a 6AL that I'm putting that back on my car.

    Kidd: I've never seen anything quite like that...but as I told him on the phone, I plan to race him again whether I win or lose...:D
  6. ok its time to change the sig now...I proved that wrong. Smoking a V8 could become hazardous to "my" health.

  7. Yes you just have to by a two-step add on box. It will plug into where your rpm plugs go now. And then the two-step box will have two places for you main rev limiter and your two-step limit.

    It makes it a lot more fun launching. I tried it as high as 61 rpms last night and was making 21# of boost while staged :)

  8. Is there anyway around using my 6AL(need that back on the 351w car.)
    It plugs in where my rpm chip goes now? The 2step is then wired to what?..Clutch pedal?
    That being the case could I use a 5 wire relay and make my own. Toggle switch on w/ clutch pedal pushed. Let off the clutch, take power away from the relay and it would go back to the "at rest" position of the relay.

    Those boxes pull timing to limit rpms? Is that why it builds boost?
  9. Well I just have a little button I hold in my left hand on the steering wheel/ Has worked fine so far
    Here is a link to a post with a track video in it.

  10. Wire the spout to your clutch pedal...poor man's 2 step. Won't work as well as the real one but it will build boost on the line.
  11. Oh and btw...I swapped the head on the 91 and it didn't fix a damn thing :(
  12. That was the home made two step I mentioned in the original thread. It works ok I could leave at about 7-8 psi. I didn't try it at the track due to the clutch slipping anyway. It didn't work off the clutch pedal because of where the nuetral switch is and where the clutch actually grabs, sort of skipped a little. I ended up wiring it off the brake pedal switch to a 5 wire relay that I already mentioned. When I took the slack out of the clutch it would leave off the gillis setting :D

    stinger: sorry to hear that, I'm on the way....ok maybe in another few weeks.
  13. KS TF gathering the 7th of august...
  14. that sounds good we can probably make that.
  15. my 2.3

    Hey guys, I have an injected '89 2.3 and a friend of mine has a 2.3 engine and turbo out of an '84 SVO. I was wondering if I could just put the turbo on my engine instead of swapping the entire engine.
  16. nope things will come unglued.