Let's have some fun...name the special edition varient of the 05.

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  1. After reading a thread here a point was brought up that the old legendary Mustangs of old should keep their uniqueness and not have it diluted by a modern day retelling so to speak. That got me thinking to a point that's right and it would be a great time to add an entirely new chapter and name to the Mustang name plate that would be held in just as high esteem. So I decided to have a little fun and see who can pick the best new name for a hoped up 05 Mustang.

    The rules are simple. You can not use any name from any previous Mustang or Ford product. So no suggestions of Thunderbolt, Cobra or the like. Secondly make it short and to the point. All the greats have a short catchy name that instantly puts into your head what they are talking about. If I said I drove a Judge...you'd know what the hell I was talking about if I said I drove a Gran Turisimo Omologato most would be dumbfounded of what I said for a few seconds before the light went on. Limit suggestions to a max of 3.

    My picks...
  2. darkhorse
  3. Turd Burglar 350

    aka, TB-350
  4. Chevrolet Mustang SS :p
  5. Venom!!!!! Why not, you got the Viper, Cobra
  6. How about Syphilis
  7. "GrOoVy", its tie-die and runs off of cut grass. (its the hippie version)
  8. I thought KIA already did that......

    Oh wait, that was the sophia :shrug:
  9. I know it was used by Ford as a code name, but perhaps they should use "Terminator" as a new special edition.

    For those who do not know, "Terminator" was the code name for the '03 Cobra with the S/C. They were originally planning Cobra (N/A) and a Terminator Cobra (S/C). But we got the S/C and a Mach 1.
  10. the jadesville edition :p
  11. Complaint - Because most people have one with it.
  12. :rlaugh:
  13. Ant that the truth.
  14. Demon
  15. RiceEater
    HE-350 (Honda Eater)
    DDH-500 (Dorks drive hondas)
    Manager 302 :p
    The Supervisor
  16. You also got the Hennessey Venom Viper.
  17. BigHead
  18. Terminator
  19. Mach2
    350Z Eater