Lets Play A Guessing Game

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  1. Stock rails are good to 750 rwhp+. Not an issue.

    Unless I'm mistaken, the stock line (singular, not plural) is good to over 600 rwhp. Also not an issue.

    The bottleneck here is the fuel pump. I don't expect it to make much over 500.

    If you were to spend $1000, I'd probably get better tires (and/or wheels), and put the rest towards the fuel system. But I wouldn't do any of that until you got it dynoed and ran it at the track enough to know where the weaknesses are.
  2. I'm not soo sure the stock rails will support 750 rwhp. And I doubt the stock line will support over 600 rwhp. Maybe there are a few instances where they have. But I wouldn't trust it at all. I've seen people reach their limit around 550 rwhp. Any more than that and you're asking for trouble.
  3. Do a quick google search. There are quite a few people running 700+ on stock rails, and a TON of people making 600+ on stock rails. I didn't see anyone say specifically what the limit was on the stock line, but a good number of folks are running those same numbers on the stock line, too.

    There's two reasons to go return and upgrade the lines/rails: so that you can put a bigger return-style pump(s) to get said fuel through the lines and rails, and because return style is easier to tune with less things that could go wrong. And unless you're making 650-750+ rwhp, there's really no reason to spend money on anything other than pumps and injectors unless you have the money and just really want to.
  4. Date is set for Friday so there is still plenty of time to get your guesses in. Closest guess gets 100 Nightfire points!!!!
  5. Hmm, maybe you're right. I would never have thought the stock lines and rails could support that much.
  6. Use that money and get your cams up to snuff with the rest of those supporting mods, they'll really be holding you back considering what the motor will be capable of in terms of moving air and exhausting it.
  7. Sorry guys, Ive been pretty busy lately. We couldn't get a clean pull, too much slippage. We immediately took the pulley off and I sent it in to get coated. I got it back earlier today. It will be reinstalled tomorrow and hopefully hit the rollers on Saturday.
  8. *UPDATE*

    Still wasn't seeing full boost even with the coated pulley. Bit the bullet and bought an 8-rib conversion. Just a few loose ends to button up in the morning and hitting the dyno thereafter. Tuner is telling me that mid 500's should be no problem. I doubt it but we'll see.
  9. Were you not seeing full boost on the street? Sounds like if it was good on the street, should be good on the dyno. Or was it not 100% on the street yet?
  10. Ok.......so an update.

    After massive belt slip, an 8-rip conversion, an oil pump failure, and a timing guide failure....the car is hitting the rollers tomorrow @ around noon. The tuner had it on the dyno this evening just hammering out some baseline perameters so it can be properly run tomorrow (it would lean out BAD anything above 2500).