Let's rate the new Mustang

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2010 Mustang overall 1-10

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  1. Exterior - I might grow on it, but it doesnt realy excite me...

    Interior - Looks good

    Power - Very disapointed, I wanted a 5.0

    What do you think?




  2. overall, 9

    exterior....EXACTLY what I wanted to see

    interior....LOVE it (except for the square vents, but thats a small detail)

    motor is slightly disappointing, but this was only meant as a facelift. My rating is based on what they DID change, not what they DIDN'T change.
  3. I was all set to not like the new sheet metal, based upon spy photos and such, but I have to say, I'm digging it. Not enough to trade my '07 GT in, but it's nice. I really like the new interior.

    However... I'm with you guys on the engine. Was really hoping for a 400 HP 5.0 liter, at least as an option. Especially to go with that aggressive new hood.
  4. I am not buying one as I was hoping for 5.0 400hp. Very disappointed
  5. I like everything EXCEPT the tail lights and the same old 4.6L engine. I am content to wait for something bigger under the hood.

    Other than my two pet peeves, I think Ford did a very, very nice job overall.

  6. 5.0 whishes

    I was also hoping for the 5.0 and the tail lights are what made me drop to a rating of 9...
  7. I completely agree, but no 5.0 or 6speed is the biggest disappointment. All along I have been hearing that the 5.0 will not be out until 2011 though so i'm still holding my breathe. I think the 05-09 rear bumper and tail lights with the rest of the 2010 would look perfect
  8. Same as everyone else. Rear looks bad, not enough power.

    Same price, Chrysler and Chevy got ya beat all day long. :(

    I was looking at the 2009 RT Challenger, dealer has one by me, 31,800 for a 370 hp 6 speed version. It's looking much better now, IMO. Which is sad to say. :(
  9. I am not impressed. I do not think it lives up to all the hype.
  10. like the front, seems pretty aggresive. Like the spoiler. Don't like the rear and center vents. Like the new wheels though. Overall I give them an 8.
  11. The side shot looks awesome the fronts not to bad (looks like a 99-04 mixed with 05-09) and the rear isn't that bad but I do agree they should have kept the same tail lights as the 05-09. I think the car is going to look sick wingless and with silver horse side window louvers. As for the power, 315hp isn't a bad starting point, you can easily get to 350 with a new intake and tune. Put some 4.10s in and you will be passing challengers and maybe even Camaros seeing as those cars weigh so much. I won’t be trading my 01 GT in seeing as she will be putting out close to 400crank hp next year when I get my new hitech stage II cams installed:D.
  12. I was hoping for a tad more power, extra engine options, and a variant of Alloy Clearcoat...

    I was miffed on all 3 and will be waiting for the 2011 now. I was considering a Shelby if the engine options weren't around for '10 but seing as how the color I wanted isn't an option I might as well wait for the power I want at least as an option in a GT.

    EDIT I gave it a 7. I would have given it a 9 even with the non-upgraded motor except I don't see a single color I like in the options.
  13. Im ginving the new mustang an 8.5 for looks, and a 7 for keepin the 4.6 engine.

    It's a sad day when the newest mustang's still can't keep up with the WS6
    or the Ls1. Unless you go with a Cobra or Roush, pretty expensive.
  14. Wouldn't hold my breath, the new body style won't make it till 2012. And we all know ford don't we?
  15. I'm giving it an 8. The new look is great and has a special quality that makes it look both retro and modern. If the interior has truly been stepped up as much as they're hyping it, I think the people who actually buy one are in for real treat as the interior is the part of the car you interact with the most. I was hoping for at least a 330 hp 4.6L, so it's a little disappointing - especially considering what the competition is bringing to the table. But, I'm sure Ford is keeping some hp up their sleeve, to be revealed in future special edition models. BOSS 302 with 400 hp anyone?
  16. "special edition models"

    If FORD was to come out with special editions, when would they likely announce something for the 2010 model? Does anyone think something special will be out mid-way through the 2010 production year? Maybee I won't be first in line at my local dealer and just wait a little longer...:shrug:
  17. Have you guys seen the video in here:

    Introducing the 2010 Ford Mustang | Ford Vehicles

    You can change the color of the car while it is spinning out. Looks pretty cool in Silver and drag it around the whole car seeing it in the new color. interesting gold color. Drool
  18. Not a fan of the taillights, but I love the stock sequentials!
  19. I love the whole thing. I gave it a 9 just because no upgrades on the engine, other than that I think its about perfect.
  20. Love the front, side looks good, not too crazy about the back.
    Interior looks great
    I don't mind the 4.6L w/ the bullit changes so much.
    Hopefully it won't be heavier and aerodynamics will be better for better fuel mileage.
    Overall an 8 for me.