Let's rate the new Mustang

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2010 Mustang overall 1-10

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  1. Ex- Love the side profile. The nice lines towards the rear are sweet. Front is great. Tails are good, the rear bumper is the killer, -2 for that.

    Int- Would need to see/sit in person to get the vibe but nothing that i don't like yet.

    Power- I say is the right step for ford, everyone always wants a bigger engine. updated power a hair. Mostly meh, all about mods anyway.

    No one has mentioned the options. The 3.73 axle package is sweet, comes with brakes.

    Overall, 8.
  2. Not bad, but not better than my 07...
  3. Horsepower up their sleeve, thats as sad as a little boy staring out the window waiting for his astranged father to come home. Shall we look back over the last 20 years at GT hp ratings, or would you rather not. With a 400 hp camaro on the horizon, what better time to up the hp ante on the gt? If not now then when? I'll tell ya when, never. Ford is like your grandmother, "you don't need all that h.p." "Take this 3.73 axle ratio and get outta here kid".
  4. Power Pack

    A Power Pack option:hail2: is good enough for me!!!
  5. I read where it weighs only 15 lbs heavier than the 05-09 models with a 4% reduction in drag for the v6 and 10% for the gt due to underbody panels? going of memory here so don't quote that but i'll look for the link
  6. I give it a 5. It's pretty much the same mustang with a different hood and lights.
    Power is still not acceptible to me, just as my 03 wasn't. Ended up costing me about $8,000.00 to get my 400 plus to the wheels. I would think Ford could do it in an assembly line for $2,000.00 more. Why don't they try?
  7. On the HP issue, In the Speed Channel reveal they said it had 400HP and 500HP Supercharger Options. Any details on that? :nice:
  8. Yeah, through frpp catalog, same as the last generation. It was avaliable when I bought my '08. Dealer installed s.c. The more I see, the more I think that the '03/'04 cobras were a high water mark in performance and value. The gt 500s are overpriced, and I'm sure will also be in this new generation as well.
  9. I gave it a nine. They really should be able to offer a N/A 4.6 with 350plus horsepower. Saleen does it with the 400hp bored and stroked 5.0. It shouldn't be too difficult to do it at the factory.

    Either way, the new 400 hp 5.0 should hopefully be out sooner than later. It would also be nice to see what the new Shelby will be like. I hear that they are going to cure the front-end-lift problems similar to the way they fixed it in the KR and SuperSnake. It would be nice to have an IRS option on the Shelbys and the regular Mustangs.

    I can't really see the new Camaro and Challenger taking much of a bite out of Mustang sales. Most of their buyers probably wouldn't buy Mustangs anyway.

    I like the car quite a bit. Lets hope that we won't have to wait too long for better power.

  10. I give it 10. It has 68 or 69 mustang look to it. I love it. I am getting one. I know i am not going to wait for COBRA just because i know i can't afford it. I am getting a GT as soon as it hits the floor and it must be BLACK!
  11. My only real gripe about it is the same one I had about the 99 when it came out. It seems when Ford does these major face-lifts while keeping the same overall chassis and frame, they keep the identical rounded roof with super sharp panels all over the car underneath it.

    I do really like where they're going with it and I think the actual body might look better than the former (I was never too huge on the S-197 though), but the awkward carried over roof makes me have to see how it'll fare when I get over that aspect.

    I'm usually not a fan of cars that go too sharp and square in styling, but I think this one flows pretty smoothly regardless. I also do like how it seems they made the car look a bit "tighter", gives it a more quality and strong look, a bit more of a Euro/modern flare to the classic resemblance to the past.

    The interior looks great and apparently will be superior in quality to the former, which is great. Also it seems they literally tightened the car up and stiffened it up.
  12. I voted a 6 due to the fact that the only thing attainable for me is a V6, unless I fall bass ackwards into money or something. :ack: The 500hp GT is a pipe dream!
  13. looks like some Nissan/Mitsu inspired kitbash. The interior is sexy though.
  14. 3. Still too retro for me...if I want something that looks like the originals, I'll get an original, and that doesn't just go for Mustangs, or even just for cars in general.

    I preferred the method they used on the 94-98's and '99-'04's, which was to take the essential styling elements (tri-bar taillights, fake side scoops, dual cowl dash design, etc.) and distill it into a modern car that was inspired by the original styling ques, but doesn't out-and-out copy them.
  15. My thoughts exactly.
  16. +1 that's one reason why I got my 01 GT. I't had many hints of th 64-70 stangs but did it in it's own new style. The 94-04 stangs had the dual dash that looked very close to the 69-70 stangs. They had the three bar tail lights, the same side hocky stick styling, the fake hood scope that alot of the 69-70 stangs had and the feel of a muscle car.
  17. I think the new mustang GT looks like something Robocop should Be getting out of. I like mustangs an owned two of them I think I will stick with the 09 GT500.
  18. ya the upgrade is $4500 for the 500hp supercharger, with base price being 24k your looking at a mustang with 500hp for 28.5k.

    That blows away the compitition i believe :D
  19. i am willing to bet that they will want installation labor as well, and that will probably add $1000-$1500 more to the price. Even so, 500 hp for under $30k is unreal.
  20. What you've been hearing all along, is the 5.0 will not be out until the 2011 arrives in 2010. As I was referring to the actual model year, and not calender year !