Let's rate the new Mustang

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2010 Mustang overall 1-10

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  1. I don't know where you heard that from, but the new body style/platform will not arrive until 2014, as the 50th anniversary edition.
  2. And here I thought the Challenger's front was sick, the front of the 2010 is pure evil - I love it. Unlike others opinions, the rear is lacking the retro 68/69 fast back look, isn't that what the S197 is about? I can't help but to think of the Toyota Supra looking at the back of the 2010, install a 2 foot tall wing and a 4" fart-nozzle exhaust tip and who would know the difference? lol. I guess a person is stuck with the factory radio until a company makes a kit to house the air controls. Finally, looks like Ford listened to us complain enough about the cheap-o seats in the Mustangs.
  3. camaro front end
  4. I'd love to see the 5.4 go into the GT, but I'd settle for the 5.0 mod. Hopefully we'll see it in the '11 model year as at least an option (not a specialty vehicle).

    Other than that, the facelift looks great to me!

  5. If your referring to the new 400HP 5.0 4v. It will mark it's debut in the 2011MY Mustang GT, in 2010. As will the EcoBoost 3.5L Twin Turbo V-6 !
  6. car sucks, ford sucks, end of rant
  7. I was generous and gave it 3. No, I won't be buying one.

    The Queen Mary makes 200,000 shaft hp but that doesn't mean I want to drive or own it.

    I'm not hating on it, it's just that Stangs have become too bloated, the high door line makes it feel claustrophobic, and the gadgets are getting too intrusive:
    * Auto Headlamp on all GT and V6 Pony Package
    * AdvanceTrac Electronic Stability Control (ESC) standard on all series
    * Easy Fuel Capless Fuel Fill on all models
    * Event Data Recorder (Black Box)
    * SOS Post Crash Alert System (Activates when Airbags deploy, Emergency flashers turn on, Engages horn and Doors unlock for quick exiting)

    New Option Changes

    * SYNC Voice-activated Communication and Entertainment System with 911 assist and vehicle health report (Standard on V6 Premium and GT Premium)

    That's just my opinion, though.
  8. The look is awesome, though I believe that they could've just come out with a body kit or interchangeable body parts for the 05-09 stang and accomplished something very similar. on some pics and at different angles they kinda look like the 99-04 stang, which imho, is the best body style. Love the stock sequentials


    The motor is disappointing to say the least, and they cost about the same as a v8 camaro while only having a tad more ponies than the v6 camaro. I agree with v8only, it feels as if they refused to change anything but the look. Gotta love the 3.73 factory option. Still gives mopar hell (LOL) and keeps up with the ugly brute that is the camaro that has nearly 115 more horses. Could've been worse...could've actually gotten beat by a V8 charger :rlaugh:


  9. I say 7. I still ain't thrilled with the tail and the 4.6 should have been punched out to 5.0 with at least 375 hp.

    But, I give my car a 7 also.
  10. I will vote a nine. A 5.4L engine would have deserved the 10.

    The optional 3:73 gear is an excellent option.
  11. Over all I like it I gave it a 8

    Overall I like the new car. The whole car looks sleeker and I think they did a good job massaging all the panels that looked awkward on 05-09 models. I am still not sold on the rear end though, my initial reaction is that I dont like it. The interior looks fantastic and the fit and finish looks better than on most of the previous generations. The power plant options are dissapointing, but this was advertised as just a facelift with new engines to follow the next year. Maybe they have not worked out all the kinks with the new engines yet, or have not made the final decison on what engines to drop in? who knows, I personally would love to see them bring back a pushrod variant say maybe an all aluminum block 351 with forged pistons and some great flowing heads. (I know that is just some far off fantasy though). My biggest gripe is the line up itself. While I am a big fan of the Shelby I wish ford would offer an option between the GT and the Shelby that the average person could possibly afford to buy. I don't understand why an SVT Cobra and a Shelby could not co exist.
  12. Love it all the way across the board. Not having a 400hp V8 under the hood would hardly be enough to deter me from buying the car (were I in a financial position to do so). Besides, 400-500hp is nothing more than a factory installed, fully warranted FRPP Supercharger away.

    And in the end, I'd rather have a blown small displacement engine that maintains all of the fuel efficient characteristics from the factory under normal cruise, with stump pulling torque and horsepower at the flick of the foot, than a large displacement engine that still won't match the horsepower and torque characteristics of a PD blown 4.6L 3V and takes a hit in fuel economy anyway? :shrug:

    The reason the Mustang is still cheaper than its competitors (Camaro & Challenger) are because its still got the same “tried and true” 4.6L 3V under the hood. Don’t some of you be fooled into thinking that with a new 400hp engine, the price would remain the same. You're just gonna pay more for it in the sticker. ;)
  13. Over all I really like the car, the rear is a little odd but has kind of grown on me. I really like the interior, and i dont mind waiting till late 2010 2011 to get the new Coyote 4v 5.0 w/ 6speed, especially if the motor is direct injection.
  14. I agree. Tail lights are lack luster and I want to see a 5.0 and twin turbo V6 option.
  15. Overall I really like the new Mustang GT and Shelby GT500.

    Exterior - 1969 is my favorite year Mustang and being that the styling is heavily influenced by that - I'm pretty stoked about the styling. I like everything except for two areas on the GT. First, the lower rear bumper is just TOO HEAVY looking. I do however like the tail lights and how they echoed the same shape into the dashboard treatment. Nice details. The second area of styling on the GT I do not like is the very lower front bottom corners of the bumper. What are these little "micro-splitters" or what looks like Paul Sr. Mustache??? Be nicer to see a cleaner lower front bumper with maybe some sort of integrated chin spoiler.

    View attachment 276415

    Interior - Looks more high quality and at first I didn't think I'd like it but the more I see it the more I like it.

    Engine - Well, we all know it's just a Shelby GT setup and that's that. We do need to see a 400 hp 5.0 go under that GT hood and nothing more needs to be said about that. But it seesm Ford is already got the engine details worked out for 2011.

    As far as the GT500 goes - RIGHT ON! Love the even more aggressive bigger-mouthed front bumper, wheels are killer, new rocker stripe design is clean and very Ford GT-esque. The extractors look OK, different but they work so I'm diggin that. The rear wing is probably one of the coolest things about the new GT500 with the adjustable "Gurney Flap" and larger profile to help take your eye away from the heavy rear bottom these new Mustangs have. The wing seems to help balance the rear end out to not look as bad. This will be a car I will lust for - for years to come.

    I voted an 8.

  16. I rated 6,
    Not happy with the 15hp bump ??? What a joke. It needed at lease 350 hp to compete with the Challenger and Camaro.

    The interior is nice, Having issues with the exterior look, maybe it will look better in person? well see.

    350 - 400 hp 5.0 better be in the 2011 or the stang will fail.
  17. Lame

    I sat back and tryed to take my passion out of the equation. I tryed to be fair and not bust out in anger at Ford. I gave myself some time to think, but I want to be fair.

    I gave the 2010 Mustang GT a 5 for mediocre, average. The GT500 gets a 9. Price dropped it. But back to the GT. The interior is awesome. I give it a 9, but only because I have not seen it in person. That could give or take a point. Two other areas left. Exterior changed very little. Lights seem changed. Nothing much else. I call that average. Its not an improvement, nor a step back. They didnt' do anything that "BOLD"! To use Ford's favorite word. NO bold moves here. You all got to hold them to their word. They are saying bold as an afterthought to their success, but now we want new BOLD and we didn't get it. Which leads me to the biggest dissappoinment on planet earth. 15 little measily HPs. I can not begin to express the gale of it all. NOT VERY BOLD DUDE! I piss more than 15 Horses of excellence. But I digess, because I am at a deep seeded anger right now. I am so heated. Mustang will fail. Not because they planned to fail, but because they failed to plan. I tell all mustang lovers: Game Over.

    HP gets a 2 from me based on the "Bold Moves" meter. Interior bold, exterior not, HP seriously not. Ford pull your head out of your rear area, stop making 50 different badges (double the price), and start selling real HP (400) at 30K.
  18. PS...Its not a MUSCLE CAR when you don't have the muscle to back it up. And when you modernize the mustang to look smaller, muscle is gone. Wake up people!
  19. That is totally 100% not accurate at all. FYI the 400HP 5.0 (Coyote) 4V, is going to be a mass produced engine, that is going to be the base engine for both the 2011 Ford F-150 and 2011 Mustang GT.

    In addition, the new 5.0L (Coyote) will also be replacing the current 4.6 altogether. Therefore as a direct result, Mustang will still remain as the better bargin when compared to the competition !
  20. rocky, i think brian is trying to say that with a new engine, ford will slightly raise the base price of the GT, pushing it closer to the base price of the competitions V8 models, and not stay exactly where it is now.

    how much more? we will have to wait till '11 and find out.