Lets See All You Stangs That Can Beat An LS1

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  1. This is for street driven 5.0 Mustangs only. Post your engine combinations here. No power adders of any kind, and keep it under a 347ci. If you have some kill stories of you kicking a LS1's ass lets' heree them!!
  2. What kind of racing? Drag racing I assume. Only engine modifications to list? I can gaurantee a stock 5.0HO engine in a foxbody can take a stock LS1 in a F-body or vette... with the proper weight placement and traction as well as application of power.

    P.S. this post sounds like a post to stir up some bull**** Not saying that is what it is, just how it sounds.
  3. you are telling me a stock 5.0 vs a stock LS1 that the 5.0 will win:shrug: Hey bro I own a 89 5.0 gt and I don't see how that is possible at all where are you coming up with the 150 extra hp that the LS1 is making:scratch:
  4. And actually bro this is not a post to stir up some bull****. Its a post to help me determine how I want to rebuild my engine (while it sits on the engine stand) for the street to murder a LS1's ass. But I would like to keep it N/A.
  5. There is so much more to power to racing. You won't need as much power to go faster, because the foxbody is a lighter car, and can get real light. If you can't get the power to the ground, it's useless. Also, gear ratio's and other things have a lot to do with it. I would suggest looking into NMRA Factory Stock class of racing, look at the power they are making with the mods they have, and even more impressive is to look at thier ET's. It's something worth looking into.

    What mods do you have now? What kind of budget do you have? A decent H/C/I package (heads, intake, cam) will take care of a LS1, and a stroker with a good flowing intake, heads, exaust, will embarrass a stock or mildly moddified LS1 powered F-body.

    I am a big fan of the LS1, not only do I have a buddy or two with them, but I have one in my Silverado. It's a great motor. Gas milege, power, reliability, powerband, ect.
  6. first of all this dont seem like a tech thread. unless ur asking what type of engine is the best to put in ur car to bea a ls1

    a 5.0 with gears, intake, slicks and full drag suspension can get down into the mid 12's. that is beating a stock ls1. 25THMUSTANG has number to prove.
  7. not that this means much, but, if you look at dyno results.....even if you click on that roayl purple add with the vids that lurk in this forum, you'll find stock ls1's put about 300 to the wheels, while you have to mod a stang to get that, i'd immagine there's some mildly modded stangs that can keep up pretty good with a stock one.....it's only the modded ls1's i think that would give the fox body a fit........the only real advantage the ls1 has are the cubic inches and the heads, so as long as both those are comparable then it's any ones game
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  16. rja6214 dont let these guys scare you away from here. Your posts are welcome, but as you can see some people would prefer you post questions like these elsewhere, others dont mind. The reason is because we dont want people to find tech threads meaningless or monotonous. Also, your post count only goes up in the tech section and some will post rediculous rethreads to gain a post count. Not saying this one is at all, as we all love to kill us a good chevy. My main point was that I wouldnt let em bully ya.

    To answer your question, these guys are correct with the HCI combo, but as always its all about the combos. If you want to stay NA, then a good stroker kit with some good forged internals and a compression increase will help you pretty much embarass most stock to decently modded f-bodies. Someone will always be faster though...:(Hope this helps ya in the future. Welcome to Stangnet.:)
  17. post in talk and u would get alot more responses. most people see this in tech and just look over it
  18. Whats the big deal about high post counts anyway:shrug: do u get a prize or something when u get high enough :p ...I could care less about mine, as long as im learning new stuff Im happy :SNSign:
  19. Some of us are dorks and have nothing better to do than post here, that explains the high post counts. I use these forums as a way to wind down at night or a passtime when I'm board.

    His question was what it took to beat a LS1. I answered with a question because the LS1 comes in so many different vehicles. It's Gen 3 SBC is the LS line of motors. Also, what kind of race? If you come to the track with a stock from the air box to the oil pan and from the radiator back to the tailpipes, but you have a good gear, slicks, some weight reduction, and maby a few suspension mods, and get lined up next to a stock 98+ F-body with all weather tires, if your a decent driver you will be first accross the finish line. Now, your driving down the highway at 75mph and one pulls up and wants to go, and you try, I hate if for you. :owned: Then you will need a H/C/I as well as some exaust and a good running bottom end if you want to play.

    Your foxbody has the big box kit from Maximum Motorsports, but the motor is stock, you see a F-body that you want to get around, but the guy in the F-body doesn't want you to, well, there isn't much he can do besides block you, on the other hand, you have a Twin turbo Dart 418 stroker with full drag suspension and slicks and skinnies on the same road, there is nothing you can do but wait until the next straightway.