Lets See All You Stangs That Can Beat An LS1

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  1. this is all i have ever seen you post in tech threads. This is not tech and yet i see you have 3 posts not answering the guys question at all just running up your post numbers. geez man answer the guys question about a combo a poof it happens to be tech. 347 stroker with afr 185 heads trick flow r intake custom ground cam should do it for you. go with 3.73 gears and a nice 5 spd. Now don't forget about suspension mods. All the power in the world isn't going to help you if you can't put it to the pavment. Look at a steeda suspension set up. don't forget some nice drag radials.

  2. I'm absolutely inclined to agree. Every one of those chevy's weighs a ton more than a Mustang and theres not a whole lot of stuff you can toss out of an F-Body or vette. A bone stock mustang with gears, weight reduction, exhaust and good traction can go high 12's, add manual steering and an electric fan and at a sea level track I'm sure somebody has managed low 12's....wait a minute, don't all the NMRA guys already do that?

    On the more practical side of things- I think if I took my blower belt off I could beat an F-body or vette pretty easily. I have a warmed over stock block, TFS heads, small crower cam, rockers, ported cobra intake, 75mm tb, 80mm pro-M, 36lb injectors, shorties...I also have a ton of suspension stuff too, an efan, manual rack....looking at it this way, my car is slow!
  3. QDRHRSE: I am glad someone is hearing me on this. Some only modify between the front bumper and firewall, that's how we get the roll racing retards.
  4. ummmmmmmmmmmmm, check reply #6, im pretty sure i answered the question there. no i dont not always say "this is not tech in TECHNICAL threads. i just happen to say it when it is not TECHNICAL(same as daggar). look it up for urself(that is if u know how to do it!!)and yes this will make my 5TH post in this thread. for all i care the mods can take all my posts away.............just a #!
  5. LOL at some of these replies! FREE POST!
  6. I eat LS1's for breakfast and lunch!!! Oh if I was hungry I can eat them for Dinner too but I usually only eat twice a day to keep the pounds off!!!!:rlaugh:
  7. Here you go 12.60's on a fairly stock 351W and 10.90's on spray. It's been [email protected] is the quickest it's been. I have no roll bar so I can't go that fast until I decide to put a cage it in. This is also on stock 4cylinder suspension. I was going to upgrade the control arms but hey if the stock **** work why change it.
  8. Hopefully the Mach will take care of that for me.
  9. My stangs bloated...Had too much Rice for one night :nonono: :D
  10. Yeah, but look how many mod's it takes your 5.0 to just hang with a stock LS1. Oh, where are there stock LS1's anymore, lol.
  11. Hey, I did not have to list all my mods. I only listed them so you guys can see. All that the panzy ass LS1 knew was that it got smoked by a 1990 Mustang GT. Lift my hood and all you see is a 302 BABY!!!! :owned:
  12. the most mis-informitive info in this thread is guys comparing NMRA Factory Stock cars to actually factory stock...
    So, here is is again...
    To make competitive power in NMRA factory stock, set aside 3 plus grand for prep'd "stock" heads... also, set aside 5 plus grand for a "stock" short block. When it's all said and done, expect to dump an additional 23,000 plus into the rest of the race car.
    Not taking credit from these guys, they are amazing, but, stock is far from what the competitive guys are.

    Now, having said that, I've never lost to a stock LSx motor'd vehicle at the track... I've even beaten a few z06's... Thier heavy weight, and poor tranny gearing put them so far back by 330' that they cannot catch up, even trapping 113mph...
    I've got elec. fan., u/d pullies, MAM full exhaust, 4.10's and run dot tires... no weight removal, 2600 d/a.
  13. I'd take an LS1. 3800 lbs and 350 horsepower? I'm an easy half ton lighter with a way more built tranny. I'd be sitting on my hood drinking a beer by the time he caught up to me.

    He'd probably see me coming and hurl in fear, though. Nobody ever wants to race me. :shrug:

  14. I dont think a stroker motor would be required to beat a stock LS1, which is what he was asking in the first place. A 302/306 wiht s properly put together h/c/i such as the Holley or TFS kit, exhaust and the other ususal stuff, with a good driver would have no problem beating a kamero. Besides, most camaro drivers are teh suxorz!:notnice:
  15. I hate to say it, but beating a stock LS1 used to be the goal, but now it is much higher with the LS2, LS3, LS6, and God help you with the LS7. Most LS1's arn't stock, and if you find one stock either the person is trying to keep it that way and won't abuse it, or someone doesn't know what it is they are driving and probally don't know how to use it either, so it doesn't count. Most stock LS1 F-bodies run real high 12's with a good driver, optimum conditions and maby some drag radials, but most will run low 13's around 100-106mph. Doesn't take too much to make them a lot faster.
  16. My friend just picked up a LS1 Auto Camaro he took it to the track for the first time and ran a 13.1!!! I saw the time slip all he has is a flowmaster muffler installed.:jaw:
  17. I know you guys are gonna hate to hear this, but if they ever release a new Camaro it will probably be the first new car I will ever buy. I am also trying to get a pretty much stock 68 right now.
  18. We share similar plans. I am hoping there will be a SS option that comes with the 7.0 LS7, now that would be sweet. The Camaro better be a real performer, not just a retro car. Nothing stirs me like a 67-69 Camaro. My favorite car is the '69 Camaro.