Lets See All You Stangs That Can Beat An LS1

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  1. Yeah most people like the 69s best, but I like the 67 & 68s. I think it looks cleaner without the fins and the edge on the side of the body. I'm not too fond of the 67's vent windows though.
  2. There are pro's and con's of both, overall I like the '69 the most, but the clean look of the 67-68 is appealing. You can get more tire under a 67-68 without modifications. A guy brings his Camaro's to my work. I hate that bastard, he has a restored 67 RS 350, 68 SS 396, and a 69 Z28 350. I might have the trims mixed up but you get the point. I can get his adress too, he better be glad I'm an honest person, because it's hard to controll myself around those cars.
  3. It will take a solid h/c/i setup on a 5.0L to actually beat an ls1 from a dig or roll and keep the lead.

    Lot's of roll races start with the unintending. I get in lots of races from a roll because that is the way it works out. Your going down the interstate and a c5 pulls up and wants some. I'm not going to ask him to stop and then lets go. I punch and go if the cost is clear.

    E.T. doesn't mean much to me. I worry about the ending trap speed.

    For a general example:

    You may have a 5.0L with a nice drag style setup and some bolt-ons (225rwhp). You will dig that ls1 out of the hole but once you get going maybe around 70mph...here comes the ls1 and he will pass you. Sorry.

    This goes back to if you meet this car on the highway/interstate. That ls1 will walk you.

    Which car do you think is quicker? I think the ls1 is...

    I like a car that can beat them from start to finish. Not from start and hope you can finish.
  4. When it comes to classics almost anything goes for me. I love em all!
  5. That is a nice collection of cars. The one I am trying to get is my aunts. It has been past through about 4 people in my family. 2 on my moms side and 2 on my dad's. She has me do the work on it but just will not sell it to me.:bang: One day though I will get it.
  6. I agree, your going to need some good mods to put a LS1 F-body behind you if your cruising down the road and someone in a LS1 powered car is asking for it. That isn't a real race, it's only testing a small portion of the cars, and there is no real finish line, just to see who can pull harder.

    Either at the track or on the highway, your going to need some work done to the mustang, but there are more places to work on than just under the hood.

    In the 1/8th mile, beating a stock LS1 won't take that much, but in the 1/4 your going to really need some help. I have seen GM G-bodies with near stock 305-307 smog motors under the hood with slicks, suspension, gear, converter, and trans run mid 8's, but only at about 70mph. But if they reach the finish line first...
  7. Oh and 90Mustang GT...i would steal all those things...hehe....oh and the 1969 Z-28 came with a 302

    First and fore most, im a car guy, which means, if its fast, cool looking...i like it. I hear ya, not on the new camaro cause it looks ugly as hell...sorry, had to say that. But the 68' Yeaaa...build the hell out of it. I absoblutly love the first gen. Camaro's...sorry, but i do. Me and my dad's 67 will hand the ass to most anything in my home town except trailered dragsters. I've easily ran down a "750" hp 98' Supra around here on motor with really good traction. Mind you this Camaro is a fully streetable car with only a set of ET's out back and traction bars with a 4.11 gear. Ran a best of 10.4 with a 150shot with the converter SLIPPING like hell. Its the same car i have picture of in my avatar. Hell of alot's changed though.
    We stroked a 70' 396 by using a 454 crank and some special KB pistons to clear the throws, came out to 434ci, runs on pump gas. I'd love to see what it would do with a good, solid converter and some wider tires.
  8. this plate is a fake Here's Shadrak's Notch

  9. fawk the new camaro!! ugliest thing EVER made!! the only one i would ever buy if it is made into production would be the challenger!!!!
  10. Since when did F-bodys get so fat? Trans-ams have a curb weight of about 3500lbs....camaros are about 3300lbs and vettes are 3100-3200 lbs. OR are those numbers off?

    I think thats the first post that i totally agree with David(5spd) about. Well said.

    But this is the thing, we are all discussing what it will take to "hopefully" beat a stock LS1. What are you gonna do when they swap out a cam? Cause when that happends...they make a TON more power. So then what are you going to do? Their STOCK heads flow just about as well as our aftermarket heads do. I highly doubt a non-stroked 302 will be able to "handle" LS1's. Cause like u guys are saying...give those guys 1 mod...and now u are playing catch up again.

    I would like to be at the level of even if those guys do mod their cars...im still gonna compete. Thats gonna take more than a 302....and A LOT more than the regular run of the mill h/c/i packages you see.

    And like the other guy said, there is no way in hell you can even bring up the Factory Stock PROFESSIONAL race cars. YES, it is possible. Guys like Ed Curtis and Jay Allen or whatever other professional can and already have done it. Jay Allen had a basic stock fox body with a cobra motor running....low 12's or high 11's i think. I forget, he had a thread on the corral. No big investment. I think he used his cam with some worked over heads. This is not anything new to those guys at that level. Does the average joe have the knowledge to build something like this? Forget building it, can the average joe DRIVE the car to make these times? Its a lot more than taking a stock motor and going that fast, they spend hours and A LOT of cash to prep those things. Its nice to see that its possible, but the average Joe will need a lot more power to make up for the lack of knowledge and "how to".

    But i do agree that with less weight and a car that hooks, you can get them. But, it goes back to what 5spdGT was saying. Sure the average mustang can get one out of the hole, but what are you going to do when that LS1 starts reeling you back in?

    Bottom line, you better be packing some serious power if you want to feel comfortable lining up against a LS1. Those are insane motors when stock...let alone when they add a couple mods here and there.
  11. I agree:)

    P.S. - That isn't the first time we have agreed...:nice:

  12. True. Its been a long time since we both posted in a thread....and even longer that i can remember we completely agreed lol. Usually there is a small tid bit in there that we disagree on. haha :lol:

  13. My brother or friend might buy that Challenger if they produce it.
  14. Look at the new camaro concept. Then look at the Mustang Concept when it was first shown in 2003, OMG was is flaming gay or what? I thought the end of the mustang was near, it looked like a suicide. I hated it with a passion. Now when the final product come out, I would have to say I really like it and would consider getting one. If I were to buy a domestic car, and I couldn't have a vette, I would take the new 06 GT as my next choice. I think it looks damn good, probally one of the only good looking cars made today IMO.

    The camaro concept was obviously designed by artists, or treckies, but reality will come into play and GM is getting an earload ******* style. I bet it will be one wicked car. It already looks mean.

    Back to the LS1 argument. The LS1 is a light weight that is similar to having a 347 stroker. The heads flow rather well and they have a lot of inovations. Good flowing intakes, good compression, just a well made motor. The old 5.0 is a relic of the past, a moderenized 60's motor, while the LS1 is a modern motor. They took the already tried and proven SBC and improved on it, damn right it's better than a 5.0HO. Last update for the 5.0 in the mustang was 87, well 89 if you want to include MAF. However, upgrades are available, that's why we love them right?
  15. Ah, but if you get a huge lead out of the hole, you get to decide when to shut down. Sure it's kind of wussing out, but when you put the brakes on, and you're way out in the front... I think you've just won that race.

    Moving to Talk...


  16. exactly, i've got stock heads/intake/cam with the stock air intake tube with just a K&N filter and pulleys with AC delete, 3:73s and slicks I ran a 13.7 with a 1.88 60' time, if i could have gotten it down to a 1.7 or close to it i could have run a 13.4 or so.... where as I see a lot of LS1 Z28s on the track running mid 14s, some high 13s, NOt only that but one time on my way to the race track a Z28 wanted to play, first he passed me up like we were racing, then he slowed down up ahead, so i knew he wanted to go, so i drop it to fourth gear, still keep the same speed and as i'm approaching his rear bumper i see he starts to go so i mash the pedal and pass him to where his front bumper is at my rear, then he starts creeping up and we shut it down at about 100 by which time his front bumper was at about my door.... I drive an '88 5spd notchback with some weight reduction(nothing you can see though :nice: )
  17. And that is exactly why I don't do it, it's cheap.

    Old thread revived...

    marsalmustang - What mph do you trap? 99 mph?
  18. Sure, it kinda sucks to do it to someone, but it sucks even more to be the guy in the back :p .
  19. Like stated before the weight and better flowing heads will work. If you got a H/C setup with some of the highest flow for a stock block (302) and tubular K member, oh forgot the gears too, you will be able to smoke a stock LS1 and do some pretty good damage to a modified (bolt ons)LS1. Just my .02 since I have been beat by a 5.0 with a stick trick flow setup and matched cam. wasn't fun either.
  20. BACK FROM THE GRAVE:notnice: