Lets See All You Stangs That Can Beat An LS1

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  1. I think my combo would smoke an LS1.. I havent driven it on the street yet, but I will be putting tags on it in a month or so..

    Combo consists of..

    Mexican block .30 over

    JE 10.5:1's
    Eagle H Beams
    Scat Crank
    Eddy Performers with port and bowl work
    Dual Springs with Crane Gold 1.6's
    AFM Cam
    Eddy Performer intake port matched
    TFS Spacer
    75mm tb and Spacer
    Electric Fan, bla bla bla
    Built C4, reverse manual valve body, shift kit, alto reds, etc
    TCI 4200 stall (anti balloning)
    Aluminum DS
    30# injectors
    Aeromotive Regulator
    Granatelli MAF and BBK CAI
    Dual GSS341's
    NOS Dry Kit w/ 250hp Jet
    MSD 6al
    MSD Blaster Coil, cap & Rotor

    Car went 11.40's with no tune on 150 shot, with the 250 and a proper tune it should be well into the deep 10's..

  2. Stock block. Trickflow Street Top end kit. 3.73 gears. Everybolton

    Took out a new 05 GTO from a roll. They are supposed to put down around 400hp stock. Also took out numerous ls1 camaros.
  3. They run mid-13's in the lower 100mph range. They don't weigh as little as the f-bodies.

    400hp at the engine. Totally believable...:nice:
  4. I don't think you have too many cars to worry about :nice:
  5. :stupid: have fun finding much on the street that will even make you sweat...:nice:

    I cannot stand the look of F-body camaro's, but I LOVE ws6 trans ams. Two of my buddys are all about GM and i spank them both pretty badly, of course they both own 80's junkers. :p Honestly, almost everytime i've raced/seen a race between a mustang and camaro, it's been pretty damn close, and mostly a drivers race.
  6. An ls1 will beat any stock (off the showroom - non-specialty) mustang all the way up to the 03/04 Cobra era.
  7. My car could probably run with and maybe beat a stock or very mild bolt on one!

    The only stock Mustangs that will run with them are the 03-04 Cobra and the 03-04 Mach 1s. The Machs trap less but can run similar times, and the Cobras should knock a stock LS1 down without too much worry. The 05-06 GTs are stout but not quite as fast as the LS1 cars with a good bit less mph in the 1/4!
  8. Exactly dude! Perfect, real world summary and reflects what I've seen on the street and at the track.
  9. Mach's run low-13's at 107ish mph. 03/04 Cobra's run mid-high 12's at 111-112mph. Solid axle or not, they get very similar 60fts.
  10. same here mane. WS6 is just sweet looking. Buddy of mine has owned a pewter 01 ws6 A4, 26K miles, 3500 stall, LT's, o/r Y pipe, hooker cat back, slp lid, 226/226 cam, upgraded valve springs, stock gears, 125 shot NOS brand 17x9 firehawk wheel with 315/35/17 nitto 555r's out back [email protected] w/ a 1.67 60' BUT traded it for a black on black 02 WS6 M6 23k miles and got to keep his wheels/tires and 125 shot. This car stock with slp lid and powershot filter went [email protected] w/ 1.9X 60' an layed 321/336. now with the 125 shot and full exhaust(275/40/17 street radials and slipping clutch) went [email protected](same trap speed as the pewter car but higher ET) and layed 438/504(currently getting more work done to it:D )he can drive awesome and has no even been beat. even raced a 02 s/c'ed saleen with the black car with out sprayin and beat him by 2 cars.

    a great driver with a ls1 car would be hard to take
  11. A friend of mine has a Z28 6-speed car that is damnn fast. With a lid, LTs, exhaust, and such it went 12.5 @ 114, and then with a cam put down 420 rwhp! Car is nuts fast!
  12. He just hasn't run into the right fox-body :).

  13. i cant wait till its done:D right now his tranny got built with all upgraded stuff, trextralia clutch(1000hp capable) full lenght SFC's.(more to come during the summer) he is hoping to get some new low times this weekend. car will be running tomorrow night!!

    other buddy from tennesse had a [email protected] 98 Z28 running on slicks and wasnt hooking his car did 504/490 and it was N/A but he sold it:bang:
  14. Ummm.... why compare 79-93 technology with 98+ technology anyway?

    Stock for stock the 5.0 doesn't hold a candle to the LT1 let alone the LS1. That being said, the LS1 camaros to me have to be the F U G L I E S T thing that ever sat on 4 wheels, and the LT1 is the most unreliable car (besides the 4.3 vortech or nissan pathfinder and explorer) I have ever come across. To each his own.

    Comes down to $$$ and Smarts :D
  15. Nice! Sounds like he's as obsessed with speed as I am!

    hmm... That trap speed seems impossible for that amount of power. ET seems about right, though. I made 420-450 rwhp and never trapped over 122 in, most likely, a lighter car.

  16. Yeah the 144mph trap speed is impossible or it is a typo.
  17. he had weight reduction. no stereo, back seat delete, no a/c, no spare/jack, tubular k member and A arms, yada yada

    406, heads, fast 90/90 setup. this car was dont right

    im not 100% positive on the mph but it was in the high 130's or low 140's

    EDIT: talked to him and he said it was real high 120's.
  18. i beat a 2000 Camaro SS w/cam and exhaust.
  19. A Week and a half ago I had the pleasure of racing a 99 Camaro SS w/ LS1, intake, exhaust, cam, no seats, suspension, on his street tires. I thankfully had my slicks on and of course with my 9 lb SC '89 Notch walked all over him. The next day the guy shows up at my house with 10.5 M/T Slicks on the back, skinnys up front, and his bottle filled. I was hung over and didn't want to race but of course he talked me into it. We went out to the country and ran like 6 times. I have head work done, no cam, full exhaust, Ignition, fuel upgrades, 9 lb super charger, suspension, 3.73 gears, and was running 8.5 M/T Drags which would spin into second and I would stay ahead of him after I would walk away in first gear by about a link. But his car was right there without the nitrous. Then he sprayed one run (150 shot) and slowly pulled away from me without a problem. There is no way that a stock 5.0 will hang even close to a Camaro with an LS1. You might get a link in first gear if you hook, but after that he's going to reel you in real quick and then dance on by. The proof is in the pudding, LS1's are bad.
  20. When I still had my Fox with a 306 I never ran into an LS1, but I did race a Vette with an LS2 from a stop. We were dead even until 3rd gear, that's when he started to take off. This was before my car was chipped and tuned and gained 30rwhp/35rwtq, but I don't think I would have beaten him at higher speeds anyway.