Lets See All You Stangs That Can Beat An LS1

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  1. I'm looking for a mid to high 10's with my combo in sig except with a built rear and some bfg or et streets. I'll slap those ls1's around with no prob.
  2. I killed 02-03 a vette last weekfrom a 55 mph roll.
  3. yep i can
  4. Stock LS1 should stay nicely in my mirror.
  5. I have 3:55's and a full exausht and i started to pull on one at the track then missed a gear and he passed me. So that statement is totally not true. If i would of caught that gear i would of had him...

  6. U arent proving anything by that statement. What gear was it that u missed by the way? Come back when u hit all the gears and he doesnt catch you. Nothing is proven from a race that isnt ran correctly. Just that u need to work on shifting.:shrug:
  7. I missed 3rd.. I have the time slip with his time of 14.6 and my best time to date is 14.6 with a worse 60 then his . His car was auto if that matters but i would of had him... And i actually caught up to him

  8. lol a 14.6 is not ANYWHERE close to what a LS1 should run. You ran about what a 5.0 is expected, where he ran 1-1.5 seconds slower. You beat or woulda beat him as a driver. His car was not being driven anywhere near full potential. So yea, you woulda had him, but that is not a good example of a LS1. He would get spanked up and down the track by other ls1's that are actually driven well.
  9. Nate is correct...:)
  10. i can take them on motor in the 1/8 but they catch me in the 1/4. on the spray they dont have a chance. well unless they are spraying also. lol
  11. I think I might be able to take one......;)
  12. i beat a LS1 when i was stock...but i ran a redlight:nice: -