lets see pic of the baddest installs in 94-04 stangs

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by srdracingkevin, Oct 24, 2003.

  1. CUSTOMS................................. carbon fiber fiberglass Aluminum fish tanks whatever lets see them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Yeah i remember seeing those pics in another thread. I love how that looks, alot of people wouldnt even know you had any equipment behind those panels. Much props.
  3. damn DJsZincGT, that looks sweet! nice job! :nice:
  4. Another thumbs up for DJsZincGT's setup. I remember him posting a while back also, and I thought that was one of the cleanest installs I've seen in a mustang. Great job with it.
  5. Thanks guys, I appreciate it.
  6. woah that is nice..gj on it :nice:
  7. wow nice setups, i hope to get my setup like those real soon
  8. check my website...we built it in about a week, never did it before....
  9. damn 98stangv8, that setup looks sweet with the lights turned on at night. :nice:
  10. An issue of 5.0 Mustang a month or two ago had a car audio install by crutchfield and it looked really good.
  11. yeah, they didnt have a budget though, and crutchfield ppl did the whole install, of course it looked good
  12. I will share some of my pics, but i need someone to host them.
  13. any more????????????????????????????????????????
  14. Hey DJsZincGT, do you have any derease in volume (dB's)? I was told that covering the subs would end up in lower dB levels in the car and I wouldnt like it.
  15. anymore!!!!!!!!!!
  16. The cover is for looks only and is removable. You have to understand, there is a vast difference in the way a SQ vehicle looks and sounds compared to the way an SPL vehicle looks and sounds. This car was built with SQ in mind. I'm not trying to blow my windshield out with this system. I'm looking for a good clean sounding install. When the vehicle is being competed the cover is no where to be found.