Lets see some Cobras with wheels!

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  1. I'm looking to get a custom set of Fikse wheels made. I am thinking about 18x9 front and 18x10 rear on a 98 Cobra. What would be the ideal offset on these widths? I am going to run 295/35/18 rear tires and 255/40/18 fronts. I know that all manufacturers tires run a little different in actual width, but knowing this, what would the ideal offset be for the size wheels I want to run? Would a 25mm offset front and rear be fine, or should they be more like 23mm front and 25mm rear? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  2. flashstang04:

    Where did you get '98's in 10.5 width?!? I've been looking for those for years!

  3. OMFG! I love thoes wheels! IMO thoes are the nicest ones I have ever seen on a stang:nice: I cant afford 3 grand for wheels but its nice to have a dream:nonono:
    I just set the orange Stang as my desktop so I can drool over them:drool:

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  4. in 96 was white aluminum rims a custom option (on a white car?)
  5. Sorry I just saw this, actually the only company that has them anymore is OE wheels. Most people have discontinued them, which doesn't make any send to me as popular as they are.. you can get the chrome ones all day long though....
  6. True Forged Chicane RS Wheels. 18 X 9 w/ 265-35-18 Fronts and 18 X 10 w/ 295-35-18 Rears, Goodyear GS-D3 tires.



  7. Your car was already too shiney:) now with thoes damn wheels you need shades just to look at it:nice: Can I have your stock ones for X-mas :)
  8. Ha Ha. Thanks. My stock wheels are sitting in my attic along with every other stock part I have changed. I don't plan on getting rid of them. Sorry man.

    Maybe Santa will bring you some! :nice:
  9. 10th anniversary 03 with chrome Y2K Cobra R's

    Here's my baby with 18" chrome 2000 Cobra R's....did things a little different with these. Ford's are 18 x 9.5, aftermarkets are 18 x 9 with a lesser offset, I've seen one with the 18 x 9.5's on the front and thought they stick out too far past the fender wells. 255/40-18's on the front and 285/35-18's back. Sorry for the bad pic but it's January in Pittsburgh and outside shots are hard to come by.

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  10. This is the 97 I just picked up...



  11. Nice Bullitts!
  12. Love that white on white!


  13. Damn double post :fuss:
  14. Whoa, thats great thanks for the pic...looks very neat bro..
  15. Thanks :nice: always nice getting complements on the car